Tweetup’09. From People to Tweeple.

by Noc Team on August 16, 2009

5735_253135610625_763735625_8404787_6140251_nLahore Tweetup’09 proved that yes we, Pakistanis, are proud of our country, our existence and the infinite talent which we have. Pakistani bloggers who have been working very hard in order to present Pakistan’s positive image in front of the world met at Hot Fusion in Lahore on 14th August’09. The Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement with The Proud discussing and sharing ideas at one platform. The event was covered by Dawn and was sponsored by Google, Wateen, CIO, Intel and bramerz.

We mentioned in our earlier posts that Bloggers have succeeded where print media lacked, so here is one proof right in front of you. Tweetup’09 made sure that Pakistan remains a trending topic on Twitter throughout the Independence Day.

5735_253207435625_763735625_8406722_4964360_nPeople from all walks of life attended this event. These included students, fashion designers, software engineers and bankers. With proud Pakistanis all across the hall, everyone pledged to tweet in a responsible manner thus keeping in view the current image of our country. They also discussed how the negative image of Pakistan should be transformed into a positive one.

Amongst the discussion, on Social Activism and the role of bloggers in promoting Pakistan’s real/positive image, each participant was requested to actively participate by bringing one fact about Pakistan which they found interesting, the name of one Pakistani somewhere in the world who should be a role model for the youth of this country. The guests were also requested to bring along with them a significant date which remained undocumented till this time. They were also asked to tell everyone about one particular location in Pakistan, again unknown to the population which would be beneficial for everyone.

5735_253207340625_763735625_8406711_44253_n.jpAnd thus at the Tweetup’09, Pakistan was termed as the most impressive country in terms of internet usage, with mobile usage growing up to of 140% per year, and being the second largest contributor in the United Nations peace keeping missions.

Pakistan possesses diverse talent which still needs to be discovered. Our country is moving forward at a very fast pace, and we can very proudly declare that we have immeasurable depth of talent inside the country and its people are working very hard to promote it.

Tweetup’09 also presented the idea and suggested that Pakistani websites should be shifted to .pk domain; they should promote Urdu language and place a Pakistani Badge on the website. Well is proud to declare that it started its journey with all the above mentioned ideas.

CodeWeek is proud to present in front of you such participants and organizers who are concerned about the international image of Pakistan, and at the same time encouraging the present talent.

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Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry August 28, 2009 at 1:29 PM

I was there :)

Didn’t know you people were covering this event

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