Software Piracy-If You Don’t Own Me Don’t Use Me

by Noc Team on September 30, 2009

In the recent past, we have heard a lot of stories concerning Microsoft, MS, planning to take those companies to court that are currently using pirated version of Windows. While MS Police is on the loose let’s have a look at your plan of action.

Well Microsoft is currently taking all the precautionary measures required to catch the criminals and tell them not to use that which is not theirs. Plus there are millions of computers being used inside the country in colleges, universities and in various government and private organizations where pirated version of softwares is being used. Due to the usage of computers in every sector of Pakistan from day one pirated software are being used.

say_no_to_likeness_piracyI would like to stop you over here from thinking about piracy and ask u a simple question. Would you DARE to report your employer’s pirated version of windows which you yourself are using in your office PC? Or any other software on which your life depends?

Probably you wouldn’t, or in some extreme cases you would. Let us tell you your plan of action for this week.

Firstly, you hate your boss, you hate your job, you hate the working environment, and your salary sucks big-time. What would you do, obviously you will find ways to quit, but on the other hand you are unable to find a perfect job for yourself and have to stick to this one for the rest of your life. You wouldn’t dare to budge your nose from your seat in spite of the fact that you hate yourself completely. Or you will sit behind your desk with your resume right in front of you. At this very moment all you end up doing is praying for the exact moment when you find a new job and leave the current one.

In a completely contrasting situation, you admire your boss, you love your job, and you work in a perfect working environment. And your boss makes sure that your pockets are full of money every weekend. Well there is probably something very fishy happening over here. Everything that seems perfect is not actually perfect. But even behind the suspiciousness you won’t even budge from your seat. Because in these times where there are very few opportunities available and perfect jobs are hard to find no employee whatsoever would dare to report usage of pirated versions of software being used, to the authorities.

And then come your ethical values where the big question of should comes in front. You could simply inform the management to buy a legitimate version of the software in use. But then the company might be threatened by your presence since it is making money due to that pirated copy. So warning or informing both ends up being bad ideas, because sooner or later everyone gets caught. And in our country a new wave of anti-piracy is making an effort to cleanse the illegitimate. Let’s see how many come under the influence of this wave.

But the question still remains, WOULD YOU DARE TO?

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