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by Noc Team on September 16, 2009

Contributed by Asim Zeeshan

Twitter is the popular micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read short 140 character messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are also known as followers. Twitter is not just the popular micro-blogging service among its users but their competitors envy it too. In the recent past, we have seen Facebook copying some of the privacy settings from Twitter and enabling the SMS-access to its services, just like twitter.

Now Yahoo has introduced a beta service called Meme! Although in a limited invitation-only launch. the service seems promising.

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It has a smart and simple look with a great user interface. This is the same reason why Twitter is such a bug success; they kept things very simple and accessible. Why Yahoo wanted a clone of twitter? You may ask. The answer is, it’s NOT. Although the Idea has been stolen from twitter but unlike twitter it supports Images, Videos, Audios and Text posts.

Let’s have a look inside Meme!

yahoo memeThe dashboard (the first page that you see after you login) is pretty simple and easy to understand. The updates from your subscribers (or the people you FOLLOW, same concept as Twitter) are shown here. The latest ones are on top. With each update you see author’s display picture, date and time when this post was posted (just like twitter) but then there are more options that Twitter does not have. You will notice that there are two buttons on the right hand side, one for REPOST (same as Re-tweet in Twitter) to again post the same image, video, audio or text and share it with your subscribers. These is also a REPOST COUNTER, it informs how many times this post has been REPOSTED. Pretty simple!

The toolbar is self explanatory too. Click on the kind of post you are going to give to your subscribers.


Post a Text Message. It has a 2000 character limit (pretty huge) if you are posting a text update.


Post a photo message


Post a video update

Comparing Meme with Twitter


Meme has successfully translated the success of Twitter and the power of a blog to create a new service that has the ease of sharing content and maintaining a blog at the same time. We are yet to see how it’s welcomed in the online community after its public launch.

Restrictions / Policies

Meme has restrictions unlike Twitter to restrict its usage for Cloned, SEO, Marketing, Pirated and Automatically generated content accounts.

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Asim Zeeshan is currently working as Senior Software Engineer in a renowned software house of Lahore, Pakistan. He has more than nine years of experience working in PHP and other technologies. He is a social media addict and an occasional blogger. A PRO GEEK, collecting every new gadget in the market. If Asim does not know how it works, then it is not worth knowing.

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Usman Siddique September 17, 2009 at 5:15 AM

We are in the age of social networking revolution. If face-book had been a country, it would be world’s forth most populous place. So any one who can bring innovation to this field may make the world following. I think Pakistan’s software creative should play their role here make us all proud.

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