Goby- Create Your Own Adventure

by Noc Team on October 12, 2009

Every day we spend hours on social networking websites in order to cure boredom. We have some good news for everyone in form of Goby. Goby will help you find the perfect leisure time activity for your boredom. Users don’t need to hop around from website to website in order to be entertained, because this is it.


Our goal is to stop the madness and eliminate the need to hop around to multiple Web sites and sort through information that’s often incomplete and/or irrelevant or hard to find. Also, we’re total technology geeks and love to build stuff for the sake of building it.

For things like music or performing arts, you can choose sub-categories, like music genre or dance. You can also define the radius of your results by entering in a custom address or zip code. Goby’s events come up in an easy to read manner and specific event information and provide links to the specific listing.

Goby has the ability to help you access information in an easy to use manner. It also searches things like hotels, hostels, and vacation homes, which make it a nice option for either the would-be-traveler on a budget or anyone looking to spend time in a particular location.

Today, we are all waiting for our Pakistani developers to launch such resource that is dedicated to Pakistan and its people in its entirety. Our objective is to show you and bring in front of you the development that is happening around the world. So that our software professionals bring up original and top quality work in front of the world.

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