IBM and Canonical Targets Windows 7 Clientele

by Noc Team on October 29, 2009

ibm-smart-business-cloud-ubuntu1While Windows 7 makes its mark on the worlds market, IBM and Canonical announced their collaboration in order to target windows 7 customers from all over the world. Their cloud- and Linux-based collaboration package turns out to be cheaper than Microsoft-based alternatives.

The IBM Client, based on IBM productivity and collaboration software, helps organizations save up to 50 percent per seat on software costs,as compared to the expensive nature of Microsoft-based desktop. This is not it, it also provides its clients with facilities for avoiding requisite hardware upgrades. The package allows companies to use their existing PCs, lower-cost netbooks and thin clients. It includes Lotus Notes and other Lotus applications such as Symphony and, an online collaboration suite which lets distributed groups manage activities and tasks, share documents, network, and hold Web meetings with up to 1,000 participants. The companies say that since the package is based on Eclipse, Linux and Web standards, it can integrate with “any” third-party software.

The press release claims that Microsoft shops considering a Windows 7 migration face costs of up to $2,000 for many users, owing in part to added hardware requirements for Microsoft’s new operating system. But IBM and Canonical sates that their package can be easily utilized on PC’s which are currently being utilized by organizations. This package will also run on low-cost client machines and even netbooks. IBM is also offering professional services from IBM Global Technology Services and IBM Business Partners in order to aid with installation and other integration tasks to their clients.

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