Was Einstein a Women?

by Noc Team on December 2, 2009

einsteinCliché: there is always a successful woman behind every successful man. But have you ever given it a thought that this successful man might be a woman herself?

This week’s post stands as the second part of one of our previous posts unsuccessful Women In Software Industry of Pakistan. It is a follow up of a point which was raised in the discussion and in the comments. So coming back to our question.

Was Einstein a Woman?

Since we have been able to gather attention of many out there so here it goes. The question raised above is not just a question; it is the question of the week. It is a Hypothetical the reason and idea behind which is just about to be revealed.
This question has been raised with a very strong base. It can be marked as an example from literary history of Great Britain.

Einstein Set to Work

Not just any developing nation but The Great Britain. George Eliot is a very famous novelist. He completed almost seven novels in his lifetime, followed by poetry and translations. One of the leading writer of Victorian Era, made his mark through his keen insight in realism and psychology.

It is believed that women are mostly interested in psychological insights as they are sensitive and emotional. This became true when we found out; rather the world realized the truth that George Eliot was actually Mary Ann. A woman, disguised under the pen name, George Eliot.

Disguised in such a way resulted from the fact that women in 19th century Europe were not allowed to work. They had no rights whatsoever. Those who wrote were not allowed to publish their written material.
Thus Mary Anne chose a pen name hiding herself under the blotches of ink, and wrote as a male writer for many years until her truth was discovered. When and how was it discovered is not the question. The question here arises then is
“Was Einstein also a Woman?”

In Search of acceptance or rejection of our own hypothetical question we took many examples from history again. We took the example of various scientists, mathematicians etc. as were mentioned earlier, but none of them has ever turned out to be a woman. Well we doubt it completely, how can so many men be successful without there being a single woman among them.

Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. All great scientists, great minds who left behind extra ordinary work behind them, which set the stage for generations to come. All were men. Their names are still known and repeated in many classrooms around the world.

If a famous male writer can turn out to be a female, then this can be true for many other professionals as well. The time we are referring to might have hidden many other secrets as well. This is where our real search begins.

Well this is a centuries old tale, repeated again and again. One thing is for sure, women these days do not need to disguise themselves behind any male member of society. They have their own identity and their own individual existence. Those who have passed the test of societal restrictions and succeeded professionally stand out in the crowd. They need no introduction and they need no explanation.

A few weeks back we posted an article named as, unsuccessful women in software industry of Pakistan? Which caught a lot of attention among our subscribers and readers, we highly appreciate everyone’s participation as it has helped us in improving in many ways.
So if one day you discover that Einstein was a woman, will you be shocked?
don’t be shocked, it was only a hypothetical statement and has nothing to do with reality.

As said earlier, those who are successful in this industry do not need any form of introduction. They are known and recognized by many. Women in Pakistan do not need any platform in order to showcase their talent.

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ramzia December 2, 2009 at 1:41 AM

so true…

Adil Mughal December 2, 2009 at 12:00 PM

please try to put something more good and productive then such sort of senseless articles … please don’t mind!

Umair Ashraf December 12, 2009 at 12:09 PM

true… that’s why men are surviving to compete with them

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