Google plans to launch NEXUS ONE

by Noc Team on January 6, 2010

images 2Google known primarily for its online search functions, has finally confirmed the existence of the long-awaited Google phone – the Nexus One. However the company hopes to sell the phone directly to the consumers, skipping mobile service providers, which often package their services with hardware from other companies. According to TechCrunch, a technology blog, Google plans to sell the phone unlocked. This gives Google a huge advantage over other smart phones such as the iPhone and Blackberry, which are still constrained by carriers. The new phone will reportedly be manufactured by HTC, Taiwanese phone makers that use Android operating system to produce several phones. Google recently reported that it was letting some of its employees test the new device. The Nexus One very well may be an innovative and slick phone, but in this fragmented market, don’t expect a phenomenon that leads to a change in the industry.

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