Interview with Husnain A. Khan

by Noc Team on March 4, 2010

Success In Husnain A. Khan’s Words- HR Manager – DatumSquare IT Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

With an intermediate from Aitchison College, Lahore, and an MBA from Coventry University, UK, Husnain Ahmed Khan is on his way towards the ladder of success in the IT Industry of Pakistan. Currently, he is working as a Human Resource Manager at DatumSquare IT Services (Pvt.) Ltd, Rawalpindi. Lets hear about the definition of ‘SUCCESS’ in his own words,

Husnain Ahmad Khan: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

Husnain: ‘SUCCESS’ cannot be defined in words. It basically depends upon individual’s expectations, plans and achievements.  I still have a lot to move towards to. I believe success is a dead end; a person has to move on and on, as there are no limits to the need of self-actualisation. I believe I have a lot to achieve yet.

I consider myself an ordinary human being who believes in only one formula; whenever you are on to something, you need to follow it till the end. Concentration with hard work is the key. Talent and skills come along with experience.

CodeWeek: How has your education contributed to your present career?

Husnain: Having studied from one of the most prestigious institutions of Lahore “Aitchison College”, I have been fortunate in attaining an early luxurious start of my educational life. It turned out real tough when I entered into my university life. The stories we use to hear in childhood about how some of our great leaders struggled their way up. We need to put value in ourselves and be proud of everything we achieve in life. That was when I started believing in those famous quotes “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”, so I am going through that ‘trying’ stage for now.

CodeWeek: How did you land in DatumSquare?

Husnain: How I landed in DatumSquare is quite an interesting story. I was interviewed on MSN by an American entrepreneur, who intended to start an IT organisation in Pakistan. It was something very different and amazing for me to get appointed through an online interview. It was more like some sort of a joke for me, but hats off to the World Wide Web. I went to their office for a second interview; impressed with their business structure and finally I made up my mind.

CodeWeek: As an HR Manager what is your opinion on, Scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan, especially in the Software Industry of our country?

Husnain: In my opinion, Human Resource Management is that pillar of any organisation, which defines its culture. Current IT Industry situation in Pakistan has made the role of  human resource department extremely difficult. IT Industry is booming in South Asia due to global economic downfall. Global Economic downturn has proved fruitful for South Asian IT Industry. During last 4 or 5 years a lot of new Organisations have appeared, producing more jobs and competition although many other sectors have worsened. Our priority has always been quality client services and this fact keeps us is an expansion mode.

CodeWeek: What are the different ways that you use, in finding suitable candidates for jobs?

Husnain: Online community is very active these days. Mostly professional networking sites, blogs and IT publications are the reliable sources to find the finest talent. Whenever I go for hiring a Software Engineer, I usually target their professional circle. Interact with them, study their interests and communicate accordingly. I have my own circle of professional people, so when I need to hire someone; I do so through recommendations and references. Adopting the right advertisement technique is very effective.  This ensures that the resource hired is the best fit for my company’s requirements.

CodeWeek: As you said you target online communities? Has there ever been an incident which you will term as ‘weird’?

Husnain: A weird interview! Of course yes, there are many, but I will only quote one over here.  A highly experienced Website Designer was invited for an interview. Now that individual was not really interested in what I had to offer or ask. He was not willing to switch his job and blatantly denied to answer any interview questions. At the end he said, it was nice meeting you and I had great ‘fun’ interacting. After having a cup of tea he decided it’s time for him to leave.

Since CodeWeek is another amazing forum where I can reach out to people, so here is my request. Please avoid such attitude, it shows lack of professionalism on your part.

CodeWeek: Suggestions for them.

Husnain: Do’s

  • Be Professional
  • Be prepared
  • Be active
  • Be up-to-date
  • Research and planning is the key to every success

CodeWeek: What is your opinion on the talent we have in Pakistan? And how far recruitment firms have been successful in reaching out to them?

Husnain: Pakistan is full of talent; the only mistake we do is relying upon recruitment agencies. In IT industry there is not much margin for errors so hiring the right resource is extremely important. I would recommend an appropriate human resource department rather than reaching a recruitment firm, as only an organisation knows what its human resource needs are. Online recruitment firm could result in huge overheads, risking the required skills. If nothing works out, these firms should be the last resort.

Your Message for CodeWeek

Husnain: As I have already said, CodeWeek is doing a great job. We, the IT professionals, need such platform for promotion of IT industry. I wish CodeWeek all the success. Keep up the excellent work…!!

With this we ended our conversation with Husnain Ahmad Khan. With a remarkable personality he did make his mark on our team members. We do plan to hear more from him in coming future. So join us for more views and people.

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