The DOT-PK Boom

by Noc Team on March 2, 2010

by: Sara Waqar Khan

Are you a Pakistani?  Or more appropriately, are you a Proud Pakistani? Then you must be aware of the dot-pk boom. How many of you have changed your domain to dot-pk? Or are you still waiting for your turn in that queue. Because, the dot-pk revolution has made its mark across the World Wide Web by changing the image of Pakistan at a remarkable speed.

As I quoted earlier,

Where print lacks, electronic rules.

But this timeI would like to spin the quotation and say,

Where print and electronic lacks, ONLINE rules.Dot-pk rules.

The dot-pk tide is taking everything and everyone in its folds. Transforming the era for generations to comeand making every Pakistani proud of himself and his ‘Land of Pure’. Let us take on a ride today, where we will present various Pakistani companies who have deliberately and consciously joined the DOT-PK tide.

Startups dot-pk

Startups dot-pkpowered by Mezino technologies, is the new and amazing Pakistani directory. The original idea, which it follows, makes it unique. What makes it amazing is that there is finally a directory where we can find emerging Pakistani talent at one place. As the name suggests, it is a wiki for Pakistani startups where they can post their company profiles and profiles of people related to it. Slowly and gradually,this Dot-pk is being filled up by the new and budding companies ready to show the innovative side of Pakistan.Anyone and everyone is allowed to add and change company and personal profiles through easy editing. However, the entry is based on approval by the administrators.

As startups dot-pk brings ‘Paki’ genius in the forefront Chopaaldot-pkconnects them through mobile social networking.

Chopaal dot-pk

As I quoted earlier

‘From the rich and bright land of LUMS came Chopaal. Saving your thumbs and your credit through a new form of mobile social networking’. Chopaal very interestingly brings Paki youth together.This patriotic dot-pk has shown to the world that Pakistan is leading the race of innovation.  Making itselfmore efficient everyday this dot-pkhas so far attracted many users in a short span of time.

While Chopaal dot-pk wins the race against time, pepper dot-pk makes an attempt to spice up our life.

Pepper dot pk

The hot and spicy pepper dot pk is there to entertain and amuse your life by developing fun and easy to use, useful tools for your mobile devices.‘Whether you prefer the Blackberry, the iPhone, the Pre, Windows Mobile phones or J2ME devices’, Pepper dot pk is ready to provide its customers with the coolest application one can think of.

While pepper dot-pk makes its customers happy,yello dot-pk makes its visitors happier by taking them directly to the place where they wish to be.

Yello dot pk

Do you actually wish to share the tit bits of your city with your friends? Well! Yello dot pk is here to help you connect with your friends in your city and discover the hidden secrets, which you still need to explore. This goal is achieved through their location based social networking, thus, connecting you with your city.Bringing about positive change yello dot pk has been promoting Pakistan and Pakistan’s positive image through open and free dialogue on its forum.

Helping people reach where they want, yello dot pk has done a remarkable work so far, while helping people in order to make their businesses go Big, let us introduce you to,

Bramerz dot pk

We believe in results, we help businesses achieve their online goals!’. Bramerz is a team of technology savvy professionals who have been providing online services in order to help businesses go BIG.

And when we talk about businesses we also discuss suitable employment opportunities. When we talk about employment opportunities the only name, which comes up, is

Rozee dot-pk

Helping people in finding suitable jobs, Rozee dot-pk has has been informingthe nation about suitable job openings.this particular dot-pkhas enabled the unemployed to reach as many companies as they wish to.  Rozee do-pk stands out due to its remarkable setup, when compared to other job sites present on the World Wide Web.

As Rozee dot-pk helps Pakistani nation find jobs, Stop dot pk helps them maintain a little monthly pocket money.

Stop dot-pk

Is an improved Internet Lifestyle, which not only provides you entertainment but also, means to earn a regular monthly pocket money. If you want to get connected with Pakistan then this is the place to be.

But if you want to enter the core of Pakistani culture than danka dot pkshould be on top of your list,

Danka dot-pk

This particular website informs you about the cultural happening of your country. Organizing and developingcultural networking spirit danka dot pk is a place where everybody is offered to announce free of cost ongoing events in Pakistan. Thus, linking artists, organizers and the masses at one place that is ‘Danka’.

As Danka connects Pro Pakistani informs

ProPakistani dot pk

Propakistani is an ever growing news website which has been consistently and successfully informing the masses about Pakistan’s Telecom and IT Industry. With a knowledgeable team at work pro Pakistani dot-pk has been efficient in providing its readers withup to date information on the current happenings of Pakistan.

While propkaistaniinforms, last but not the least, CodeWeek dot pk entertains the Software Professionals’ of Pakistan.

CodeWeek dot-pk

The Magazine started its journey sometime ago and has been building itself everyday. One-step forward every passing minute, leading towards prosperous dot-pkinnovative future. So sign up to our newsletter, for we are here to offer a lot in 2010.

Above, we have gathered for you all those who are proud Pakistanis. Others just missed their chance of entering our list by just a dot-pk.

So, when do you plan to own a dot-pk domain? Or are you still admiring the above for their patriotic zeal.

Tell us where you blog. Write to us and inform us how haveyou contributed in presenting the positive image of Pakistan in this crowded World Wide Web of varied domains.

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Qasim Zeeshan March 3, 2010 at 2:55 AM

Really nice article. Writer did a great job

Irfan March 3, 2010 at 4:57 AM

So, when we are going to see codeweek’s profile on ? :)

Nash March 3, 2010 at 5:02 AM

Don’t forget and!

Asim Zeeshan March 3, 2010 at 12:41 PM

I am already in the dot pk domain-sphere since 2006.

Asim Zeeshan March 3, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Very well written article, keep up the good work

Ayesha March 4, 2010 at 1:30 AM

Aaalaaa Article… “INFORMATIVE” in the real sense!!!
Proud to be a Pakistani

Amna March 4, 2010 at 2:18 AM

Well enlightened…=)

Saba Kamran March 18, 2010 at 3:35 AM

Great article :)

And yes some of these dot pk(s) are really very helpful like and I find especially useful when i’m on the road and i need to find a place. All i have to do is connect to the internet, go to and search for that restaurant or business. And let’s not forget it has become my own blogging platform as well.. :) is the website I go to when my company is hiring people. Or once when I was looking for a job. is a great initiative too. Some of their articles are awesome.. :)

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