Is This The Age Of App/Game Development?

by Noc Team on May 4, 2010

You must have had a chance of observing someone, engrossed in his mobile as if hypnotized by the screen of his phone. No he is not watching any horror movie, neither is he reading something. OK stop guessing, yes he is playing a game.

A Game!

From texting to paying taxes, time has changed the usage of mobile. Gaming and Application development being the most important out of all these have become a new form of entertainment and income as well.

Even a four year old can easily access the mobile and enjoy playing games all day. These have turned out to be the hottest development in the industry whether they are on mobiles or on the internet. The games available on apps store and those found on facebook are on high demand these days. Due to which we have been introduced to competition in this market as well.

On March 6, 2008 with the launch of Software development kit or SDK (as we know it) for iphone OS applications development took this market towards a new dimension. Everyday developers around the world are introducing new innovative applications, and with that thousand of developers are entering this market. According to the stats Iphone applications developed to date are as follows;


Date Available apps Downloads to date
July 11, 2008 500 0
July 14, 2008 800 10,000,000
September 9, 2008 3,000 100,000,000
October 22, 2008 7,500 200,000,000
December 5, 2008 10,000 300,000,000
January 16, 2009 15,000 500,000,000
March 17, 2009 25,000 800,000,000
April 23, 2009 35,000 1,000,000,000
June 8, 2009 50,000 1,000,000,000+
July 11, 2009 55,000 1,000,000,000+
July 14, 2009 65,000 1,500,000,000
September 9, 2009 75,000 1,800,000,000
September 28, 2009 85,000 2,000,000,000
November 4, 2009 100,000 2,000,000,000+
January 5, 2010 100,000+ 3,000,000,000+
March 20, 2010 150,000+ 3,000,000,000+
April 8, 2010 185,000+ 4,000,000,000+

In these 4,000,000,000+ Pakistanis have a considerable share, they are not far behind but are actually moving faster than their own pace. If I ask you to name a few companies who excel in Iphone Application or game development, then I am sure their names must be on your fingertips by now. Name one and three others follow.

These budding companies have developed such amazing games that they have been ranked among the top ten and also the top hundreds as well. Within the last two to three years the market has developed at an amazing speed. And with the growing number of individuals entering the market combining creativity with genius, we can easily say that Pakistan has entered an innovative arena all over again. Where not only do we see great potential but also top most ranking among the 4,000,000,000+.

With the increasing number of international customer being targeted by these companies, the image of our country is also moving towards a new direction. Companies are also gaining momentum in this respect and we observe a lot of job posts for iphone application developers available on many job websites. Even if you search iphone application development on the internet the only thing you will come up with will be various job websites with ads for the need of talented resources for application development.

This is the point where creativity and genius has joined hands. This exciting new technology has been a source of great diversity in the IT sector. Educating the young enthusiasts towards a point where fun has been added to the dull and boring life of developers.

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