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by Noc Team on June 1, 2010

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So those of you who have been trying to download a new browser for themselves, RAISE YOUR HANDS.

And those who ended up downloading a software only to discover that their homepage is now a haven for some rubbish search engine based in XYZ country RAISE BOTH HANDS. Yes you are right, we are definitely referring to Internet Explorer.

Below is an Analysis:

Internet Explorer: is for the lazy non-tech geek or for the lazy bums

Chromes: is for those who KNOW

Firefox: those who use firefox still cannot let go of thunderbird for their emails

Safari and Opera! Well no comments

There are two types of people on this end. Those who use IE, and those who don’t.

Sticking to things, program and software which are already installed in your computer is a clear sign of being a non-tech. So those who are currently working on internet explorer don’t really know that other browsers exist as well. In fact there are people who have not even upgraded IE upto their new versions. That is the reason why it is considered as an option for the lazy ones.

It happened to me a one hundred and a thousand times that I was working on my PC, on internet explorer of course, I deliberately opened 6 tabs at a time. I was filling up various webforms and was half way through it, and suddenly IE CRASHED. I was shocked and failed to understand the reason completely. The next thing I did was restarted the PC. Started everything all over again, and as I was half way through another crash. “Patience and fortitude conquer all things, thus I waited restarted everything all over again.

And then AGAIN. That was it. My PC was going under an operation later. When I found nothing wrong what so ever, I realized that the crashes I recently suffered was because of IE and it had nothing to do with my PC whatsoever. That was when I switched to chrome.

And joined the league of those who no longer wish to explore the new features which IE offers. These are the people who have completely abandoned IE, in order to explore greener pastures. Neither do they wish to come back any time soon nor do they plan to. The once loyal user base is slowly and gradually shifting to other more compelling browsers.

Speaking of compelling browsers there are other users who take fancy in using multiple browsers. Different users have different choices and always tend to keep their options open. But these options mostly circle around Chrome and Firefox. While IE is pushed at the back seat.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) web browser, now accounts for less than 60% of the market, down from 95% at its peak in 2003, according to new figures. BBC

So from the most recent records we can definitely quote that IE’s market share cannot go up. It can only go down.

2010 IE8 IE7 IE6 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
May 16.0% 9.1% 7.1% 46.9% 14.5% 3.5% 2.2%
April 16.2% 9.3% 7.9% 46.4% 13.6% 3.7% 2.2%
March 15.3% 10.7% 8.9% 46.2% 12.3% 3.7% 2.2%
February 14.7% 11.0% 9.6% 46.5% 11.6% 3.8% 2.1%
January 14.3% 11.7% 10.2% 46.3% 10.8% 3.7% 2.2%
2009 IE8 IE7 IE6 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
December 13.5% 12.8% 10.9% 46.4% 9.8% 3.6% 2.3%
November 13.3% 13.3% 11.1% 47.0% 8.5% 3.8% 2.3%
October 12.8% 14.1% 10.6% 47.5% 8.0% 3.8% 2.3%
September 12.2% 15.3% 12.1% 46.6% 7.1% 3.6% 2.2%
August 10.6% 15.1% 13.6% 47.4% 7.0% 3.3% 2.1%
July 9.1% 15.9% 14.4% 47.9% 6.5% 3.3% 2.1%
June 7.1% 18.7% 14.9% 47.3% 6.0% 3.1% 2.1%
May 5.2% 21.3% 14.5% 47.7% 5.5% 3.0% 2.2%
April 3.5% 23.2% 15.4% 47.1% 4.9% 3.0% 2.2%
March 1.4% 24.9% 17.0% 46.5% 4.2% 3.1% 2.3%
February 0.8% 25.4% 17.4% 46.4% 4.0% 3.0% 2.2%
January 0.6% 25.7% 18.5% 45.5% 3.9% 3.0% 2.3%

The statistics clearly show how IE is losing up and the others are gaining in. with the new and more advanced browsers coming along slowly and gradually IE is losing it completely. IE has lost six percent of its market share and is expected to lose more.

While I use Chrome for my research. Tell me which browser are you currently using?

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Muneeb Dilshad June 2, 2010 at 9:19 AM

The only thing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is good at is downloading Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera
& honestly speaking its Not great at that either…


Umair June 3, 2010 at 8:01 AM

Dear Muneeb Dilshad,
even though IE is the being used a lot, in light of the fact that its the standard Browser Installed on all PCs. To say the Truth .. IE is going extinct. not to mention the Bad repo from the EU case against Microsoft to remove IE as the Default browser for EU which fortunately Microsoft’s stubborn management agreed to after Huge fines

IE as a platform is the worst for we developers.. having faced that first hand.. Microsoft has no standard HTML interpreter. the CSS has to be changed or adjusted for every I.E. from 5 to 8 and now they are coming up with 9.

for example I.E. Uses Div Z-index by ancestry (i.e. which Div tag comes out first in the code) rather then the Actual Z-Index value in the CSS or Style sheet.

not to mention the millions of vulnerabilities that a script kiddie could exploit using millW0rm

Most I.E. products are rushed into the market any ways

compare that to Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari all of which use pretty much the same standard for CSS. Constantly patched, making less enemies by muscling the Open source community. specially Fire Fox (expect for the latest version that screws up at times) with all its numerous plug ins and addons and the overall aesthetic appeal

Fire Bug , Pixel perfect, Yslow, Delicious to mention a few.. none of your Ugly IE Toolbars

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