Interview with Ghazala Shoaib, HR Manager Mentor Graphics

by Noc Team on June 8, 2010

Interviewed By Sara Waqar Khan

Human Resources managers are advocates for both the company itself and the people who work in that company. In order to meet the needs of both these areas they have to create a balance between the two.

With the changing and growing IT sector, a special attention is being paid to Human Resource departments in IT industry. This week we have for you Ghazala Shoaib who is currently working as a HR Manager at Mentor Graphics. She in an interview with CodeWeek highlighted the importance and advantages of Human Resource Management in IT sector of Pakistan.

Ghazala Shoaib, HR Manager Mentor Graphics

My educational background is quite diverse.  I did my Bachelors from Queen Mary College in Psychology and was awarded Roll of Honors.  In 2005, I achieved my Masters degree in Public Administration (major in Human Resource Management) from Institute of Administrative Sciences, Punjab University Lahore. Last year, I have successfully finished my L.L.b degree from University of the Punjab.

This is the formal education, but I believe that life itself is an education and in my case it certainly has been.

How has your education contributed to your present career?

Human Resources is a specialized career that demands practical and theoretical knowledge not only of HR but also of other areas like business management, finance, accounting, and Statistics. I believe this is the only way to prepare you to develop a deep understanding of your employers business and to get the seat on management table. My Masters degree from Institute of Administrative Sciences gave me both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. I am also grateful to Professor Nasira for her guidance through out my studies. She taught me HR content areas with a focus on HR competencies and business applications in the workplace and prepared me for the challenges I am encountering daily as an HR manager. Being an HR manager, I have to be aware of local and federal employment laws. And my LLb is supporting me in this regard.

What makes your company an attractive employer for the job seekers and especially for fresh graduates?

Mentor Graphics Corporation ( is a world leader in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) providing software and hardware design solutions that help engineers around the world to innovate. We provide challenging environment, vast variety of work, and a chance to apply engineers’ individual talents to create solution of some of the most complex hardware and software design problems in the world. Our collaborative environment combined with a commitment to work/life balance makes Mentor Graphics an ideal place to work, to advance the career and to challenge smart minds.

As an HR Manager what is your opinion on, Scope of Human Resource Management in Pakistan, especially in the Software Industry / IT Industry of our country?

In Pakistan Human resources management is trying to become a strategic business partner. Almost all organizations usually have HR departments but we are still striving to implement this function properly.  Today, IT businesses, small and large, are trying to introduce the HRM with full capacity and authority to manage their workforce efficiently and to ensure workforce alignment with the mission and values of the organization.  So we can easily say that prospects are bright for HRM in Pakistan especially in IT industry.

What are the different ways that you use, in finding suitable candidates for jobs?

Mentor believes that Employee-Referral Programs are one of the most effective and highly productive recruitment tools. We are also using other strategies for generating a talent pool that include:

  • Job fairs – We attend different job fairs at universities,
  • Campus hiring – We work closely with placement centers at most of the universities in Pakistan,
  • Job Portals – We also use the web based resources such as job boards, social networking sites, yahoo groups, and other job distribution channels

How should a candidate get in touch with you?

Any one can send us his/her resume at

What do you look for in a candidate before you hire them?

To be successful in this unstable high technology industry, employees need much more than strong technical skills. That’s why I look for aptitude, personality traits, soft skills, and accomplishments. I also try to judge candidate’s motivation and his/her ability to

  • Learn quickly,
  • produce high quality work within short time frames,
  • maintain positive relationships, and
  • multi-task

What is your opinion on the talent we have in Pakistan? And how far recruitment firms have been successful in reaching out to them?

Pakistan has the best talent in the world but the need is to channelize it and to engage our talented youth in more constructive and productive activities. Be it the armed forces or the scientists, the educationalists or the researchers, the sportsmen or the software developers, we have some of the finest brains in our country. China always works with us because we have the best engineers and scientists. Our people can do anything the only need is some motivation and opportunities.

Recruitment firms are playing a vital role in reaching out Pakistan’s talent. Recruitment is as easy as a flip of coin now. But on the other hand it has raised the companies’ hiring cost. I am not against the recruitment firms but companies should pick the low hanging fruits themselves.

Any Parting words

Life is a platform of opportunities. You just need to identify and avail them.

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Its nice.

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gr88888888888 Ghazala we r proud of u…………………..cheers

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Good g.. Keep it Up!

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Dear Ghazala,

Its really very impressive :)
and i fully agree with your all details!!!

Asna Salman

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good job…!

keep up the good work…

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Naeem Akram Malik March 2, 2011 at 7:20 AM

I agree that hiring is as easy as a flip of coin these days, and that’s precisely why retaining is as difficult as hell. You know human beings play pivotal role in success and growth of a software factory, they’re the machines and the operators. The longer they stay inside one factory, the more productive they become. I think retaining employees is the part where HRM is needed the most.
Its strange to see that nobody’s bothered to ask Ghazala about it.

yasir April 10, 2011 at 8:56 AM


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