For All the Xbox Lovers: Microsoft Introduces Kinect

by Noc Team on June 22, 2010

For all the Xbox lovers out there, Microsoft has lifted the veil from its most amazing motion sensing video game device Kinect. Previously Kinect was referred to as project natal but now it stands in front of its enthusiasts with a new shape and amazing new features.

Kinect is a device which can easily be attached to Xbox 360 console. This device makes use of a video camera; an infrared sensor to track the player’s and then converts then into onscreen movement. Microsoft makes an attempt to compete Nintendo Wii console, which has now sold around 70m units, 30m more than the Xbox 360. Where Wii makes use of a special controller in order to play the game Kinect uses its advanced technology by removing the need of any kind of handheld device.

Several clips were shown by Microsoft, of Kinect games during a lavish pre-E3 2010 event where the participants’ played imaginary games in front of the audience. These movements in turn were captured by the game and thus interpreted.

It is also said that there will be other series of Kinect games which will be closely compatible with social networking sites as well, with the ability of allowing the players to send screenshots of themselves, (while playing games) to others.

Games have now become the most important entertainment medium for the current generation. With Kinect entering the scene, the meaning of gaming will change entirely. It is also expected that Kinect will face tough challenge due to its competitors. Sony is all set with its Playstation 3 console with its own motion controller which is known as PlayStation Move.

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