OLPC Back Again

by Noc Team on June 11, 2010

OLPC (One Laptop per Child) has recently decided to transform their $100 laptop in a $75 tablet. The philanthropic company, failed during the previous year to provide the underdeveloped with a $100 laptop which they had promised in partnership with Intel. Due to Intel’s sudden abandonment of the project OLPC was left all alone in the desert with a flop plan.

But recently the company has announced a new partnership program with a commercial partner Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (a computer chip and silicon manufacturer). The two have decided to bring in the $75 per device to the market by 2011. Ground-breaking developments have been taking place all across the world of innovation where OLPC has recently decided to shift from laptops to tablets. And guess what, these tablet run on android.

The companies have together planned a release date of CES 2011 (January 6-9, 2011). This new tablet will be based on Marvels Moby tablet combined with some of the XO features. This table will have high-tech parts including a high-definition video encoder, 3-D graphics chip, a multi touch display with an easy to use soft keyboard similar to Apple’s iPad.

“A tablet is simpler than a laptop, so it’s easier to make a tablet cheaper,” says Ed McNierney, OLPC’s chief technology officer.

“Although the project’s version of the device will run the traditional Sugar operating system as an application, the Marvell version could ship with the Android operating system from Google, the Windows Mobile platform or Ubuntu.” New York Times

In November we did an article on How Intel joined Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop per Child, OLPC and then left. The main purpose of this campaign was to equip the children from under developed areas with Laptops. But the partnership jolted apart and brought them in direct competition with each other where Intel launched its own classmate PC.

OLPC claimed that they viewed children as a mission. While Intel viewed them as a market. Thus, it was best that they parted their ways. OLPC made every attempt to collaborate but Intel even on its departure, did not bother informing OLPC. This news reached OLPC through media, while they were planning to work on joint efforts with Intel.

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