Disposable Domains on Sale

by Noc Team on July 21, 2010

Technology is not growing on its own. It has the human mind behind it. The same way many spammers are rapidly buying dozens of domains at a time and are jumping from one to another in order to prevent shut downs. These domains are used only for few hours and then thrown away completely.

These spammers are known for buying domains in bulk and then using them for malicious purposes. They utilize static websites to transfer the user to other obnoxious websites and other e-commerce sites where they sell pills, fake watches, pirated software and other fake products.

After buying dozens of domains in bulk, they use them and discard them within a few hours. A research was conducted by M86 Security Labs. The ever growing devious tactics of these spammers were carefully tracked and their results researched by them. They analyzed the fact that 70 per cent of the domain, which were used by these spammers, was active for less than a day.

These spammers enforce a serious challenge to the law enforcement agencies as they are unable to trace them. The spammers can easily buy and dispose these domains and their number is growing at a rapid speed.

“It’s a cat and mouse game where spammers try to change their URLs faster than the anti-spam companies can react,” said Guy Roberts, development manager at McAfee, Inc. “If it takes traditional blacklists fifteen to twenty minutes to block a site, then that’s how fast the spammers need to change their URLs. Since domains cost only $6 per registration, the spammer is spending less than $100 for four hours of advertising.”

In the recent past many attempts have been successful in fighting against scam. The most important case had been that of McColo hosting operation. It was believed that if McColo was taken down, worlds half spam will be diminished. And as soon as McColos plug was pulled out 70 per cent of spam disappeared the same day. But at the same time, there are thousands of small operators, distributing spam and creating nuisance.

According to M86 report the spam in continuously growing, and has increased almost 88 per cent at the beginning of this week. If you think spam will go away, and then expect more spam, because it more like a virus. New techniques evolve every day, thus spamming like all the other technological advancements will continue to grow.

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