The Future of Browsing

by Noc Team on July 8, 2010

We often plan our future, fantasize it and dream about it. If you are a Geek then your techie imagination must be revolving around bizarre gadgets, software, machines, games, robots and what not. Forget about face recognition you will have to gaze and look on your screens in order to browse. Appearing in countless science fiction movies future does have a completely different look.

With the pace and constant competition with which technology is moving forward just imagine the way you will be browsing in the near future. With the introduction of iPads and notebooks, do you honestly think PC will last. And come to think of it can browsers change as well. Just have a look and decide for yourself. With the major developments and changes we observe in browsers every day, we can easily imagine our browser as this.

Browsing on the Card:: infoworld

Ah buy a car as soon as possible because mobile browsing is moving on its own unique pace. Major auto makers such as BMW, Ford, General Motors, and Mercedes are now experimenting ways in order to add browsers to their cars and truck. HUH! Yes cars and Trucks. These companies now wish to add computing systems into their cars so that their buyers can enjoy safer rides.

Browsing in the Car

Not just this, you can browse your TV as well. Let your imagination go wild because browser war is spreading all across the earth beyond PCs, Smartphone and now towards your television sets. Nascent example of which is Google tv.

Browsing on the Your TV

Can you actually believe the software technology which set the stage for others and for generations to come will wither away entirely? Well we don’t think so. It will grow and grow and grow. Just imagine using your browser as an operating system have a look.

Browser the Future OS

So how do you fantasize your techieness. Write to us and tell us what you think about it. Can all this happen?

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