How To Get Fired Correctly

by Noc Team on July 19, 2010

Consider this: you have been kicked out of the company. It is your last day and your last paycheck has arrived in your salary account. All your accounts have been disabled; those you were with you, just turned their backs and rolled their eyes. There is no turning back, you are about to be escorted by the security guards. HR Manager shakes you and asks, “Do you have any questions to ask?”

(This can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world. Companies’ hire and fire people as they wish to. Because this is how businesses run and new opportunities come your way.)

“Yes we all were sad and happy when our Director left, but at the same time we were somewhat curious for the arrival of our new Director. Sad and happy because we hated him. Curious because everything happened all of a sudden.  The sudden resignation of the first and the sudden appointment of the new one. And so we waited in silence.

And there it was, the much “awaited moment”. The evil hawk, which sat on our heads and devoured us every day during every meeting and every lunch hour, was fired.  It was a day of celebrations. And with the new boss, we expected new career possibilities, new directions and new hope. We welcomed, rejoiced and waited for our ‘promotions’, which had been delayed long enough. But with the new director New World Order entered our lives. New set of skills came along with him. He was not alone, he came with a team.

And then the final call came. All in the conference room. Celebration all over. The HR Manager enters. Hands letters to all. The title of which quotes ‘letters for promotion’, oh wait… There was something else written on the top of the paper in bold letters.

And then there was complete silence…

We read what we were expecting, but the writing said something else, Letter for Termination.

And the HR Manager stood up and said,

“Any Questions?”

What followed was an acute form of Public humiliation. Not one had the strength to say anything. The whole team which had spent a lifetime at the company was suddenly replaced by experienced professionals who came along with the new ‘much awaited director’.

And to your surprise let me tell you that this is the story of any private firm.  Where at any moment teams can be changed and replaced entirely. Where decisions are made in order to keep projects and businesses running.

Such decisions can serve as a meltdown for many careers which are at their budding stage. Whether one is fired or laid off, it is highly traumatic for one who goes through such a situation.

Disaster Management

But instead of whining for the rest of your life one should be prepared for it. Because this can happen to anyone in any part of the world. Thus, the conclusion here is how to setup a disaster management plan and be prepared for such a situation before someone comes and moves your cheese away in its entirety.

You are irreplaceable? Think again…

If you are thinking that you have an experience of ten years behind your back, a CV of thousand pages a portfolio of ten thousand pages, I suggest again, think again.

It all depends on what the company demands, if you are still thinking where you went wrong. Then stop wasting your time in thinking about something which has no value. It’s just that you failed to understand what actually was required by the organization. The problem then lies completely on your end. But since you have been terminated, stop thinking and just move on. Because such decisions are not made in one day. They are planned and their planning spans over a period of days or maybe months. You cannot reverse anything at this point. Because it’s already done and there is no turning back to it.

And then the HR Manager asks, “Do you have any question?”

No there were absolutely no questions to ask the HR but apprehensions,

The most important thing at this point is your personal dignity, self-respect and a sense of pride which you have and whatever you have done in your career so far. Thus accept the decision. Stay silent and clam. There is no point is shouting or screaming or calling out names to the company.

Silently decline further questioning because as I said, it is not an instant decision, such decisions are taken after careful planning. Companies face their ups and downs and survive, it is just not you the only one suffering, there is always a group behind who has suffered more then you have.

Consider this: your previous director, whom you hated, had actually been fired (and you never thought this could have happened to him, well yes it just did). Was he not capable of handling everything? Then why was he made the director in the first place?

On the other hand, if you go on asking ‘why me’, then you need to understand that this can happen to anyone anywhere. So, start searching for the next one, without any further delay. If they decided to move on without you, you also need to learn how to let go and move forward without them. You have the experience; you have the required skill set. This is the point where you can explore new options.

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