Google Gravity

by Noc Team on August 31, 2010

Whatever goes up must come down: It’s the general rule of gravity.

“Type ‘Google gravity’ then click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ – an interesting appearance on Google comes up.”

The law of physics applies to everything and everyone and most importantly the Web Wide World. One can hardly recall any person who does not use Google search.

Google Gravity by Hi-ReS is an exact replica of Google with a search bar and Google’s logo. But once you put Google Gravity in the Search bar and press I am feeling lucky, everything comes down crashing on the floor.

Known for keeping itself up to date and interesting Google is known for creating outstanding features. There is an interesting video on youtube where you can actually see how Google Gravity works. Nerds and techies are amazed at the coding behind the scene, but after all this is Google.

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