Patriotism vs. Jobs: Can They Go Together?

by Noc Team on August 2, 2010

Contributed by Staff Writer

Meager job opportunities are one problem, not getting hired in spite of applying at the right place and showing up in interviews is another. Many holding foreign degrees from renowned universities have not succeeded in finding a secure job for themselves here in Pakistan. Some are left wondering, some try over and over again and others leave the country in despair.

Most of them have complained that they do not receive a call after the interview despite being the best among their competitors. Many blame that competitors move forward because they can easily get hold of references and hold jobs which they are not capable of. This way the deserving ones lag behind. When asked by the employers, they say that Pakistan lacks talent, especially in the IT field.

“A few years ago, every other person I met told me, that he/she has just returned after completing their education from abroad. Others told me that they were moving abroad for a foreign degree. That was the time when I also had a strong desire of studying in a foreign university. Restrictions from family made me choose a desi university. But if I look around now, then let me tell you that my surroundings are loaded with graduates with foreign degrees in their hands. They have no jobs…” says a student

Education in Pakistan has reached to a level where almost all organizations and companies prefer employees who have degrees from renowned universities of Pakistan. Yes they prefer Pakistani education and Pakistani experience. As now it is believed that getting an admission in a foreign university is easier than stepping into a local one.

Whether it is LUMS, FAST, UCP, it’s your aptitude that matters. If you stand in front of an employer and tell him that you have a foreign degree and foreign (sales) experience, 80% of them will reject your application. The main reason being that they want work done inside Pakistan and with Pakistani people. So, if you were standing there waving your degree then you need to reconsider my above points.

The idea is not to discourage anyone but to make everyone realize that there is enough potential in Pakistan as well.  There are universities in Pakistan offering excellent quality education. No one needs to move abroad for studies. We have talent and there are people who wish to utilize their skills for the organizations they work for.

This is when you need to think globally, but act locally

Youngsters don’t apply abroad for education nowadays. The main reason of which is that the country’s educational institutes now do provide professional education as well.

Many would agree when I say that yes organizations prefer only local universities. Because I have seen it happening with friends and colleagues. What we learnt at a university abroad was actually not required at the company at home. The Market is loaded with graduates with foreign degrees. Eventually such graduates either return back to other countries or forcefully take up jobs which they do not consider in accordance with what they have actually learnt and earned in a foreign university.

But let me tell you the one who is hiring mainly decides who deserves what. It all depends on the skills and abilities of the individual and not on the references or the foreign degrees as such.

Whether it is IT, Media or any other profession the progress is due to the continuous efforts of the people. It is the education that matters. Despite the growing instability Pakistan has moved forward a thousand steps in terms of education sector.

Here I am not referring to the education provided by the government universities, but the education which has been voluntarily provided by the civilians themselves to the masses. Whichever sector you step into a complete research will enable you to realize the basic facts that growth is mainly due to civil efforts.

So it is time to start acting and stop thinking about going abroad, because by living amongst your own people you can learn a lot and serve them accordingly. Many say that there is nothing left in Pakistan. Trust me; they have been saying this since Pakistan’s inception. We have to change the way we think and the way we act, the way we present ourselves and the way we move forward in our plans.

Forget what America is offering, reject what Australia has promised. Because you need to make promises to your country, so that you yourself can have a healthy prosperous future. Pakistan is loaded with remarkable opportunities. The more you look around, the more you will discover the opportunities available. So it is definitely time to make yourself confident about your abilities, instead of losing hope and moving outside.

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