Did You Know That Facebook Has Pakistani Games as Well?

by Noc Team on September 8, 2010

Need Neighbors? Or are your Crops Dead? Food is spoiled or amusement park is empty.

Yes, we know that you are addicted to Facebook Games. But when was the last time you came across a Pakistani game?

In today’s online world one cannot easily stick to a single online entity for more than a few minutes. Attention span has decreased to an extent where an individual ends up jumping from one article to another, from one website to another in a matter of few seconds. But there is one entertainment resource which makes a person utilize his large amount of time on one single entertainment channel.

Yes, we are referring to free online games on Facebook where people tend to spend large amount of time. This is where entertainment lies, this where innovation and creativity develops from and this is where money resides.

For those who still consider Facebook as a waste of time, they need to consider the statistics published by Facebook itself. The social networking site comprises of 50 million active users worldwide. Another 50 per cent of its active users log on to Facebook every day. On average one user has 130 friends and it was recorded that 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every month.

Above which more than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries, engage 70 per cent of Facebook users in Platform application. And this is where Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs decided to make their mark.

Many local emerging startups are making their way towards development of casual games and social games. The reason why this process is gaining momentum is because social games do not require large amount of investment, and neither years of hard work. Once a developer figures out what he wants to do, and how it should be done, then it is a game of few weeks. We have created a very small list of online games developed by Pakistani startups below.

Web Sketchers- and amazing young startup came in the scene with their first game Fly By.

Fly By is a 3D game, in which the player is in control of an air-craft, which has to dodge skyscrapers and hot air balloons, while flying through the city. Within a couple of weeks, the game acquired a user base of about 2500 to 3000 users. And during its first month the numbers crossed 5000. (We will be meeting Umar Mustafa from Web Sketchers next week at CodeWeek. If you wish to ask him any questions feel free to drop a comment below).

Another game developed by TinTash is Pirate Jam.

Pirate Jam is another addictive game which makes you climb tiles by hovering the cursor around. The more tiles you jump the higher you go. But if you miss one you fall into complete nothingness and the game starts all over again. The springs, the rockets and the dodging tiles all circle around one amazing experience. The small yellow Pirate, who waits for the player to make the right decision, only moves when the player orders him to. Checkout the game on Facebook, as it will let you attain one amazing experience.

On Facebook games are free. And even Facebook had never planned to integrate games in their platform. But the year 2009 completely changed the way social gaming was looked upon, in turn changing the way social networks were used. This newly found category of online entertainment on social networks has not only changed the way people spend time online but have also affected businesses across media landscape. FarmVille was the game which changed the meaning of social gaming altogether.

Another unique game is Feline Frenzy

This game has been developed by White Rabbit (and Islamabad based startup). A game circling around an amazing and entertaining idea where the paradoxes combine. Where kittens are to be killed by throwing BOOTS at them. A combination of evil and cuteness is what it caters to. Who knew hitting cats with boots would end up being so much fun.

This was a very short list of games which have been developed in Pakistan by Pakistanis. There are other games that are still passing through the development phase and have not been properly released yet.

In many cases these games are only 20 per cent complete and remain under development phase during their launch time.  But are released to end users immediately. This instant release helps the developers in many ways. First, they are able to test their product in the wild. With large amount of comments and reviews entering the scene they get a clear idea whether they should throw more money in the product or not. Whether it is a brilliant idea, or an idea which should be trashed all together.

There are other Pakistani games which are still under development phase and one of these is  Zombie.

Zombie is a surprisingly enjoyable game. It has been developed by Emblem Technologies based in Lahore. In the game the player has to save his friends from deadly Zombies who run around to catch their prey. The more friends are saved the number of zombies also increases gradually. The game goes on and on until one of the Zombies catches and kills the player. Running around remains the only surviving option. The mouse allows rapid and easy movement inside the canvass.

The game has been an innovative outcome of Emblem technologies. The company is on its way towards releasing and developing more games in the near future.

The changing trends in online casual gaming have changed the way games were played before. If you notice, people belonging to every age group are addicted to these games. Did I say ‘addicted’. Yes addicted will be the most appropriate word. Because with the extent of time which people spend on Facebook games, it is actually amazing.

More than one million developers and entrepreneurs are attached with Facebook. This may be either for advertising their local business or their creative talent in form of casual games. And among them Pakistanis have definitely made their mark.

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