A Software Company I Would Work For at least 10 years

by Noc Team on December 29, 2010

Don’t you think ten years is a long time?  Wouldn’t you consider yourself stuck; won’t you have a desire for change? The only reason why I would last in a particular company for the next ten years would be only if everyone knows how to manage, test, debug and code.

Our software Industry is extremely dynamic. Here companies unwrap and wrap-up quite often, they may be sold frequently as well. Many times management changes, as a result of which choices for the software professionals become extremely low. Individuals wish to change their environment, work and company after every two to three years. And with the growing number of companies available and job opportunities which come with them, the industry has completely diversified employment opportunities for experienced professionals.

In my five years of experience, I have had a chance of working with three different Software Companies. But I am still in search of the perfect Software Company and a perfect job which keeps me busy and keeps me happy for the next ten years, where I feel that I have finally settled down and where I am making a decent living. Below I have compiled a small list of conveniences which I would definitely require for completing a decade in one particular company.

My first take on this will be

A Solid Base

As I bring excellent expertise with me, thus I should stay in a company which has a solid base and a solid infrastructure. A company which plans to grow and stay in the competitive Industry. Where ideas are implemented and not delayed. Where

I Bring My Ideas And Get Paid to Develop Them

The ideas which I bring should be paid. Because I know that my ideas (if implemented) will definitely yield a lot of money and will make my boss happy. But the only reason why I would spend my sharp and active intelligence on any of these ideas would be mainly because of the monthly bonuses and flexible working hours.

Free and Flexible working hours

All the Software Companies these days have late working hours. In other industries late working hours usually mean ‘hardworking employee’.

Stop, wait a minute.

Late working hours is directly proportional to hard working employees. False

Late working hours is nowadays directly proportional to bad time management. True

But in Software Industry Employees come in late, and then exit late as well.


Simply because of the clients who pay them for providing services. As a result of which work keeps most of us programmers away from home and thus there is absolutely no family time. When family is available, we are not. When we are available (which is rare), they are not. This results in lack of communication and bonding, hence NO vacations. But even if I do get a chance of going on a vacation I end up with piles of undone work. Thus, if I spend ten years for one software company, then I should be allowed to work from anywhere in the world.

Work from Anywhere in The World

This will make my boss extremely happy. Work in programming world cannot be completed in one whole day. This is pure common sense. Either you leave it and come back to complete it. Or you just leave it for someone else to do. Thus, as I have a knack for learning everything that comes my way, and I wish to be indulged in work 24/7, I would like to work within a company for the next ten years only if I am allowed to work from anywhere across the globe. If not, then I can suggest the following as well

Continuous Learning Projects

If they cannot allow me to work from anywhere, then they should allow me and provide me with company funded training programs anywhere in the world. It must promote learning.

If around the world is not possible, then the company should allow employees to move between departments, change roles and branches in separate cities, states and countries so that I don’t get stuck in the same setting for too long. Because when it comes to ten years then that software company should provide access to

What Employees Need and When They Need It

With these trainings, I may also require system upgrades. I also may need consultants. I should be provided with every latest tool and technology which may help me in completing my job.

Also, I will only stay for the next ten years, if I am autonomous and self- directed. I am free to work on what I want and when I want. And so instead of requesting for essentials they should be provided beforehand. This includes my salary and my bonuses as well.

Automated Yearly Increase in salary

Asking for a raise should be rare. There should be a reward for every employee who has performed well in his tasks. Guaranteed yearly salary increase of 10 per cent should be granted every year. But most importantly, I should have an excellent environment and amazing people to work with. Along with,

Free and never-ending flow of coffee and chocolate (and food?)

Cannot possibly survive without fuel. If I am provided with everything as mentioned above then one last thing in my list is never ending supply of coffee and chocolate (and food?). In conclusion, all of the free coffee and muffins are the key element in keeping me motivated and strong when it comes to the question of ten long years. So, if I find all of the above in the company, where I am about to spend a decade, then that company should have all the above Ingredients.

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Imran Haider December 29, 2010 at 1:45 AM

And how many companies do you think would provide what you just mentioned?

Here’s a tip to open up your eyes: Think about all your points from the perspective of a CEO of a startup, or of any Pakistani IT company, for that matter.

I suggest that you wake up and smell that coffee that you just mentioned so lovingly about.

CEO January 5, 2011 at 2:41 AM

And in return company should pay you for YOUR ideas, and then give you monthly bonuses so you could sit your ass all day without moving an inch, without trying to care whether company is growing because of you or because of someone else, and without giving a damn about how to make company more profitable.

Why dont you open up your own firm and start providing all of the above and see how everything goes? I will join you the day you start offering all of the above !

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