‘Kualitee’ From Kualitatem

by Noc Team on December 28, 2010

Consistently growing from the past five years, Kualitatem, an Independent Software Quality Assurance and testing Company, has recently launched its latest product by the name of Kualitee. It is the world’s first iPhone-compatible quality-assurance testing platform.

“We are bringing the most exciting, mobile and functional Test Management System, Kualitee, into the Quality Assurance Industry”, Khurram Javed Mir, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder.

This product is based on Web and iPhone based interfaces. The web interface is made in flash and iPhone’s version is a native app. It is a SaaS based Test Management System and hence a process which is compact yet comprehensive.

We have recently launched one of our products, that covers the end to end test lifecycle management. It’s called ‘Kualitee’. Kualitee provides a compact and intuitive software environment that helps cover entire process in a testing lifecycle. Kualitee is an all in one solution that provides project management, test management, bug management and reporting with the type of controls that makes testing unbiased. Kualitee is not only a product but also a process that can set on track any team doing ad hoc testing. It’s a web service accessible from anywhere with an additional iPhone interface for executives to view reports and status. You can take a look at www.kualitee.com for further details.” Says Jamil Goheer

Unlike products which offer too many options and confuses its consumers, Kualitee offers a simple, efficient and easy-to-manage process. With the iPhone app, you can be anywhere in the world with complete visibility into the test process at all times.

“Our focus has been to ensure the simplicity and easiness in which the product can be used by all stakeholders of the software development lifecycle. We use open-source technology. The front end of Kualitee is built with flash (note: iPhone model doesn’t use flash).”  says Khurram Javed Mir.

The company is offering local companies, Kualitee’s professional version for only Rs. 8,500/PM for up to 15 users (which includes Developers/Testers/PM’s/their clients etc). They aim to provide a hassle free and much better test management product, which may not require any maintenance (like open source or licensed software). It is made for all the software professionals including developers, project managers and testers.

Other testing platforms in the market, aside from Kualitee, include Zephyr and QMetry (SaaS based).

Kualitatem was founded by two young graduate students who were planning to create Pakistan’s first Quality Assurance, QA, and testing firm. They established Kualitatem as a university-incubator startup to develop innovative QA products. They also offer research and development based, high-quality Quality Assurance services to companies across the world. It’s a unique Quality Assurance testing firm which is mainly a Research and Development driven organization. The company places strong emphasis on coming up with benchmarks for improving quality of the products for their clients.

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