Apple without Steve Jobs?

by Noc Team on January 19, 2011

The world is brimming with Apple fans. Being the most important technology company in the world, it has diversified the needs of its consumer world and has also brought dynamic change in the world of technology.  Filling the market with chic and innovative products Apple has created a long list of remarkable inventions over the years. Form Slick iPods to touch iPads, departing from the ‘norms’ of the industry and focusing on the innovative features and design.

Although it is believed that Apple is all set and prepared for the next two years but still it is also believed that Apple will need Steve as the launch of its new products approaches. While Steve Jobs was away on his previous leave, Tim Cook took hold of the offices in his absence.

But whoever replaces Steve after he leaves, there will be a time when people will start resigning from their key positions, just because they were used to working with Steve. The change is inevitable but we will observe many resignations in the immediate aftermath of Job’s departure. No matter who replaces jobs the firm will no longer have a genius as its head. The core of the company will not be there and no matter how brilliant the new CEO may be, he cannot be Steve Jobs.

But that does not mean that we lack geniuses in the world. A post Apple might be even better and remarkable with what Apple is today. Apple’s new management may rock Apple. But it will definitely lack the vision and the focus with which it is currently moving forward. The new management will be critically evaluated and will be assessed. Lets hope best for the ‘genius’ and his company because such leading giants are still important for the world of innovation.

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Naeem Akram Malik March 2, 2011 at 7:41 AM

Everyone’s gotta go some day, Steve’s had his time on Apple. I believe there will be some backup plan, because his health did not go down overnight they must be well aware of the diminishing state of his health.

Gulfraz Ahmed March 14, 2011 at 2:29 AM

Steven jobs is Legend in the world of innovation.But innovation will never stop thats the truth.
we hope that there will be another Steve Jobs for Apple.

Sharjeel April 20, 2011 at 1:02 AM

Indeed, everyone has to go some day. So will Steve Jobs. And I agree that Apple must have some other people too who will take over Apple when Steve would leave and may do a good job as well. But in my personal opinion, other than the products of Apple, world knows only one face of Apple, and that is Steve Jobs. It will be a blow for Apple for sure when he leaves it. He made people know Apple, believe in Apple. There are millions of people who know Steve for what he has done in last decade, and Apple couldn’t put another face to their organization. So if they really want to have a back up plan, they should bring someone out now, so people start getting to know that Apple is not just Steve Jobs, there are others too.

P.S. Steve Jobs is a living legend, his departure would be a blow for not only Apple, but surely for the whole industry. I’m a big fan of yours Steve Jobs, but yeah it’s a reality, everyone has to leave one day, so would you. And you’ll surely be missed.

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