Before you join A Software House

by Noc Team on January 26, 2011

Consider this: You join a company and then in a months time you regret joining it, thus you leave.

Ever happened to you?

Well here are a few points we gathered as guidance for freshies before they decide and join any software company. These are the species which don’t have any clue and guidance in this respect. I am talking out of experience, read it carefully as it will help you too.

Outlook, not yours of course!

When you join a new software house check its location first, obviously you will know about it as soon as you turn up for the interview.  It has to be presentable. Because the outlook reflects the inside. I am not asking you to choose a company which has an extravagant office with wooden flooring and amazing security, but one which is presentable.  Most of the software houses have their offices in buildings which are ‘haunted’. My suggestion to all the IT companies is that at least consider the arena and its atmosphere before choosing a place for opening up an office. You will not agree, but it matters a lot.

They HaveWacky Titles

Many companies these days have obnoxious titles for the top management. This mostly is the case in small and medium sized companies. Where the entire management is at the same level, position and has the same amount of experience. They have almost the same responsibility, but have varied titles such as BTO, TTO, DTO etc. How do they come up with such titles, we are not really sure, but if the large management of a small company seems weird to you, simply walk away.

Look Around for Coworkers

As the outer atmosphere has great affect on the presentation of a company the inner environment also has a great affect on the employees as well. You wouldn’t want to work with people who are hostile towards you, would you? So before signing in you can always look around and talk to the people who are already working there.  Ask questions and bring out your own conclusion by assessing them and the environment. Because this is your career and you comfort we are talking about.

Large Number of Ex-employees

Not just the co-workers you need to get in touch with ex-employees as well. We have seen it happening many times that many employees are fired in one go. This happens everywhere and not just software houses. So find out its reasons if there is such an image. Maybe the company was justified in doing so.

Lack of Technical Leadership

Where there is lack of technical leadership there is lack of guidance, support and training. When non-technical offices start working on top of a technical team, many problems arise. The technical team ends up being in a position where they cannot possibly explain their issues and take guidance from a person who does not really know what is happening around him.

These were the few pointers which you need to look out for before you join a software company. Because switching jobs/ companies in a short time should not be the idea.  It may appear bad on your CV and will put a mark on you for being inconsistent.  So before you finally join a company you need acquire enough information so that you can easily spend enough time and experience from there.

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Ali January 29, 2011 at 2:09 PM

hmm.. good points for choosing the ideal place

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