Muhammad Saleem Khan- GCU, Lahore.

by Noc Team on January 4, 2011

Muhammad Saleem Khan completed his MSC in Physics from Punjab University. After that he joined Dr. A.Q Khan Research Laboratories as a Scientific Officer in 1981, and remained there for seven years. Then in 1987, he joined Punjab Education Department.  While serving Government College University Lahore, as a faculty member of Advanced Electronics he completed his PhD in Control System in 2009. Currently, he is serving as Director in Computer Science department in GCU, Lahore.

In 2009, GCU rewarded him as “Doctor of Philosophy” in the subject of Physics. The research was titled as “Dynamical Control System: Design, Modeling and Simulation in Distributed and Local Environment”. This research was completed under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Amir Shah, Professor of Physics, GCU and Co-Supervisor Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Director General, Institute of Industrial Control System. After which he acquired six months Fellowship from Edinburgh University, Scotland, U.K.

Besides being the chairperson of Computer Science Department, he is also the incharge of BS (Hons) in Electronics, program at GCU. This program has been successfully implemented at GCU and it has become the “Hot-Cake” for the students to join this technical research program.

Muhammad Saleem Khan in a conversation with CodeWeek enlightened us with his thoughts.

CodeWeek: What makes Department of Computer Science at GCU different from CS departments in other universities?

Saleem Khan: In our department, we have active research groups which are not available in CS departments of any other university in Lahore. Also, we have active societies and definitely a low fee structure. Our students are very much talented and this talent is being channelized with the help of proper resources and guidance. Despite being a self-funded department we are also working towards provision of Full Bright Scholarship for our deserving students.

The intake strength in GCU is above 1000 every year and we select only 120 students out of +1000 candidates. Our curriculum is under the guideline of GCU. We have different societies which are very much involved in the various events relating to the Software Industry.

We have developed the research groups, developed the labs and motivated the students to participate in various National and International events. Recently, one of our students, Miss Sania, has been elected as the President of IEEE in Lahore Division. Under her guidance, various programs/events of IEEE have been promoted in the Universities.

In a few years, there will be a software house evolving out of our department. Also, we have a PhD program which shall be implemented in next academic year.

CodeWeek: In your opinion, what is the scope of Software Engineering in Pakistan?

Saleem Khan: Currently, We are working on the consumer end thus promoting other companies but at manufacturer level, we are not developing enough. This might be because of our Education System is such as providing a road map to companies just as a worker. Innovative research work is not being developed.

Well, we are developing the Inventory systems mostly. What I feel is that we must move our industry towards the development of sensors, data analysis softwares and other softwares which are used with hardware machineries for medical equipments and other industrial processes. Port Programming knowledge is much more important according to my quantum. We are not developing Computer Aided Control Systems. I believe Pakistani software engineers should start developing such systems because only then we can expect a revolution in the IT industry of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, we have an excellent talent but unfortunately, they lack direction. Our students are running behind certificates but they lag behind when it comes to excellence in their respective fields. We really need to change the trends in educational setup. Students should be directed towards professional arena as soon as they pass through their Intermediate education because this is the point when their professional development initiates. We really need to change the trend in education like in Europe where students after O/A levels go strictly through the certification and get the job in their respective especially certified fields.

CodeWeek: What do you think makes programming in a low level language (Assembly Language) far difficult than programming in any of high level languages (PHP, .Net, Java)?

Saleem Khan: When we talk about a low level language programming, we must know the names of all the components and the internal structure of microprocessor but in case of high level language programming, we have no concern with the components.

In case of Assembly language programming, we are not using the header files; we use the interrupts whereas in case of other high level language programming, we have different header files which also over burden the memory. Assembly language program occupies lesser memory and works more efficiently in real time development.

CodeWeek: What would be your advice to the GoP regarding enhancements of the IT sector?

Saleem Khan: Government of Pakistan should place an Internship as a mandatory part of all applicable graduate programs. The government must also establish the CENTER OF EXCELLENCE on district levels so to provide internship opportunities in rural areas to promote the society. Each IT center in a district should provide the initial training of Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science. The centers of excellence must provide the boarding facilities to all the participants, males/ females. Pakistani nation is lucky because at this stage we have more than 50% youngsters peoples. In future, we can divert them for the industrial revolution keeping the output of these centers of excellence as a goal for this purpose.

CodeWeek: In the end we would also like to know about your experience of working with Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan?

Saleem Khan: I joined Dr. A.Q Khan Research Laboratories in 1981 as a Scientific Officer in the Electronics Division (KRL). At that time, Dr A. Q Khan was the Project Director and I was working under his supervision. He was a very kind person and he always motivated all the members. He served as an excellent supervisor with excellent planning and research skills. By his constant devotion and determination, he developed an advanced nuclear technology for Pakistan.

CodeWeek: Any parting words?

Saleem Khan: In my opinion every student should participate in research. Attend professional conferences, generals, read available e-books and literature.

I would suggest that all the universities should be linked up with IT industry in order to develop and promote the Computer Aided environment in local and distributed settings.

Research and professional expertise gained over the years helps us realize about our weaknesses, resources, deficiencies and strengths as well. We all must know where we stand. We all should think about success and prosperity of our country, because only then we will be able to work for the betterment of our country and its people.

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Muhammad Noman January 5, 2011 at 3:27 AM

I agreed with Mr. Saleem khan. He is doing a lot for the evolution of innovative research in the field of computer science and information technology with his research fellows at Department of computer science, GC University Lahore. The students of GC University Lahore are also very talented and stood distinctive among others due very good interpersonal communication. I was the student of computer science department; GCU Lahore and coz of this institution I became technologist and I got two national level achievements. I won

1- PinnaKal competition 2008 (All Pakistan Product Ideas and Concept competition), awarded by Kalsoft (pvt. Ltd) Karachi.
2- Youth Award 2010 in field of computer science and information technology from All Pakistan, awarded by Ministry of youth Affairs Islamabad, Govt. of Pakistan.

I am proud to be old Ravian. DCS, GCU Lahore make me unique to have such accomplishments and honestly speaking the Department of computer science, GC University Lahore will be the tower of technology strength in very near future.

Taoqir Khosa January 6, 2011 at 8:44 AM

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”
Sir Muhammad Saleem Khan is the best teacher in my life.He is very polite to students.

Ayesha January 9, 2011 at 5:07 PM

Old Ravians, especially DCS students are waiting for a Revolution in the DCS, GCU, Lahore!
I love GC…

Faisal Zafar March 9, 2011 at 6:53 AM

I got many inspiration from Sir Saleem, even though i just got 1 subject from him in ILM (UMT), i found him very nice, gentle, knowledgeable and always ready to discuss the ideas, you can discuss with him any time, he never mind on this. We pray for his long life :)

Yasir Nawaz April 10, 2011 at 1:27 PM

He has taught us one subjecy in Msctelecomunication, Apart from the teacher he is a good human being, very kind and cool to students.

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