Best Mobiles of 2010

by Noc Team on January 12, 2011

When you decide to change your old and old mobile, you choose one which matches your budget and matches your requirements as well. But as soon as you enter a shop and witness the mesmerizing new sets offering range of multitasking options, you get confused. You no longer want the specimen you came for but you then want the classier one, with an amazing outlook and even more amazing attitude.  The question then arises
Which is the best mobile phone?
So today, in order to tempt you, we gathered a short list of best mobile phones out there.
HTC Desire is in the hit list these days.
It can easily cover top blogs, news sites or sports pages whichever type of news you require jumps in right in front of you. It lets you jump from any of the seven panels on your Home screen. Email, calendar appointments, and contacts, are all present right in front of you and you can utilize them without any hassle. It has been designed to thrive on the web thus provides its users with a complete experience of a mini laptop.
The most impressive iPhone ever.
If you are an iPhone fan then you must have probably ordered your next upgrade. Giving a tough competition to all the Smartphones out there, Apple recently unveiled its iPhone 4 (16GB) Factory Unlock featuring a large ‘retina display’. With an amazing new display it also offers a new and improved design.
The phone provides an amazing user experience through web browsing, email checking, music player, video recording and an amazing display.

For blowers, Nokia’s C series is fast and becoming the Finnish phone maker’s smartest collection. Before the arrival of the C6, Nokia C5 and Nokia C3 have already set the standard for basic functionality which is coupled with high-quality design. Nokia C6 is Symbia S60, and quite simple and straightforward to use.
Nokia C6 is QWERTY phone, nevertheless it is more than decent and it takes less than a few minutes to get really up to speed with it. Its keys provide a dull hollow sound every time they’re tapped, with a decent bobble on each one in order to make sure you don’t slip onto the wrong key while typing out texts.

BlackBerry Torch

The Torch is something new for you to get excited about. If you were planning to buy a BlackBerry, then stop right there because next generation of BlackBerry Smartphone will definitely turn your head round.

Extremely elegant and simple to understand. For all the businessmen who use Smartphones, The Torch is great news for them. It is light weight, practical and come with multimedia and apps. Though it will not be giving a tough competition to iPhone and Android phones, but will definitely keep Blackberry users inside its folds.
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of best –looking touch screen mobile in the market with outstanding features & specifications. There is no doubt to say that Sony Ericsson once again hit the market by delivering a device capable of one-handed operation in a tiny, slim but practical form-factor. Sony Ericsson has won 2010 red dot product design award beating the designers in 57 countries.
Overall though, It is an excellent phone with some extra ordinary features with lovely bright screen, without being dominated by the chasis.
This is only a small list. There are many amazing ones still waiting to be a bought.

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Plz mention the prices of each phone also

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