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by Noc Team on March 9, 2011

We have official songs for every cricket World Cup. This time we have an official cricket game. Mindstom Studios has done it again. After the successful release of ‘Cricket Revolution’, they have recently launched ‘Cricket Power’, the Official game for the ICC’s Cricket World Cup 2011. Pakistan is the only company to have developed the Official game for the ICC’s Cricket World Cup 2011. In a conversation, Shoaib Malik, Country Manager Mindstom Studios, very enthusiastically talked about the game and its development.

Shoaib Malik, Country Manager, Mindstom Studios

CodeWeek: Tell us about Cricket Power.

Shoaib: Cricket power is the Official game for the ICC’s Cricket World Cup 2011. It is a browser based Cricket Game and it features offline single player, online tournament mode, statistic tracking and challenging AI opponents that learn from your every move. Whether you play offline in exhibition games or hit the Nets Practice mode, Cricket Power will bring you back to the online tournament for a chance to show off your newly mastered skills and compete for top spot on the leader boards.

CodeWeek: Idea which led towards making it a PC-only game?

Shoaib: The development of Cricket Power started towards the end of 2010; hence we barely had the time to even finish it for the PC, let alone any other platform. We also wanted to maximize the outreach by avoiding the physical distribution roadblocks and a game that could be played within the browser was the best bet.

CodeWeek: Which category of audiences does it cater to?

Shoaib: It caters to wide variety of users including casual gamers and cricket lovers. It’s basically for anyone who loves cricket and wants to enjoy the adrenaline rush of the big tournament and lead their nation to the victory.

CodeWeek: The market is loaded with games on cricket, what makes it different from them?

Shoaib: First of all it uses the same physics engine that Cricket Revolution had and is known and reviewed as the best physics engine in any cricket game by a lot of gamers and Cricinfo.  Secondly, Cricket Power is developed around the cricket world’s main event (the tenth since the inaugural tournament was won by the West Indies in England in 1975). This browser-based game gives you the chance to pit your wits and technique against online cricket fans around the globe and features all 14 teams taking part and every participating player.

CodeWeek: Why isn’t it available free of charge?

Shoaib: This was a business decision made by the publisher, i.e., Karkadann Games. As marketing and sales is the responsibility of the publisher. Few other business plans and options were available as well on how to monetize from this product but they chose to execute on the paid model. We have to understand the economic cycle of the game development. The developer and publisher have to make money in some way so that they can keep on producing nice titles for their fans and clients.

CodeWeek: Which tools and scripting languages have been utilized in its development?

Shoaib: For the engineering we tweaked and upgraded our cricket engine. The base of that engine belongs to torque, but we modified it heavily and ended up writing our own physics and animation systems during the development of Cricket Revolution. For the art development we used 3ds max and Adobe Photoshop.

CodeWeek: Tell us about its online graphics and quality of unrivalled game play?

Shoaib: Cricket Power is a clever mixture of excellent online graphics and engaging, authentic game play. As such it stands as a great chance of engaging a wide international audience, especially as it focuses on a sport that has an excellent global reach. The goal was to deliver the best cricketing experience possible online.

CodeWeek: What has been the response of national and international audience?

Shoaib: The response has been absolutely amazing especially from the cricket playing nations including Pakistan and India. We received a lot of traction locally because of this project. We as a nation are all sad that Pakistan was not able to host this event. But we are happy and proud that we played our part to bring the glory to this country by developing the Official Game for the Cricket World Cup 2011.

CodeWeek:  Cricket gaming has become a trademark for Mindstorm Studios. What would you like to say to us and all the fans of Cricket Power?

Shoaib: I’d like to thank our community, all the fans and customers who have shown their support from the time when we started developing our first title to date. I hope everyone will continue to show their support so that we can keep on making exciting video game titles for everyone.


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ghafran March 9, 2011 at 3:25 AM

this is a very good dialog session indeed, it also motivate the game programmers who don’t know that in future there will be a game industry in Pakistan.. INSHALLAH

M.D Khan March 9, 2011 at 3:48 AM

Well, i thinks its really a good news specially for pakistanis………….
Long Live Pakistan…
Great Job Mind storm studios…

Muddasar Khan March 9, 2011 at 4:39 AM

this shows that Pakistan can conquere every horizon. just we need a direction. our people are very very talented. they know how to work with zeal and zest. shoaib is one of the best example.

this will bring fever among the software houses in pakistan of GAME DEVELOPMENT. Shoaib is requested to spread awareness of GAME DEVELOPMENT among the youth by helding seminars etc. (Just direct the youth).

best regards
Muddasar Khan

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