Why are we not creating Products?

by Noc Team on March 7, 2011

In Pakistan we have all the talent available. But the question is, that why are we unable to create our own products. Why have we ended up in providing services only.

start thinking out of the box

After a massive survey everyone had a similar opinion, lack of exposure and lack of guidance are the main reasons why we lack development of innovative products in our Software Industry. 80 per cent of the talent ends up opting for jobs. Why jobs? because

1.        They have been conditioned in a way where job is the first and foremost priority.

2.        Lack of patience

3.        Lack of finances

4.        Lack of resources

5.        And most importantly lack of exposure

Here is what people have to say,

Mohsin Alam, a Software Engineer, working at a renowned software house of Pakistan said,

“I would disagree with your premise that we have ended in providing services only. LUMS-SEDC, Netsol, Rozee, Cricket Power, Facebook games, iPhone Applications and the list goes on … I would rather say we are warming up. Someone once said,

‘You have to follow in order to lead.’

We have some of the most hard working and dedicated software engineers in Pakistan; the only problem is of ‘scope’. We need to think out of the box, challenging the norms while keeping the target in sight.”

Junaid Sultan, working as an Associate Data Researcher, said

“No doubt Pakistan is extremely talented nation, but the main problem is lack of resources and weak infrastructure. Making new products require resources and capital. On the other hand, providing services does not require large sum of investment, it requires good skills. So providing services is an easy and cheaper way out.”

On the other hand, our friends from outside Pakistan did pose a valid solution as well,

“Maybe the focus can be on building a massive network of Pakistan Successful Professionals across the US/Globe. Once you have this network – then call for a summit and invite these key: CEO’s, Professors, Business Owners, Writers to the summit to speak. You can also turn it into a Career/Professional Development Fair or Business Expo – where Youth/Young Professionals that have not gotten exposure can display their craft, business ideas, inventions etc.” Natascha F. Saunders CEO, The Youth Career Coach Inc.

Adil Muhammad, Freelance iPhone Developer said

1. We lack exposure

2. We don’t have VC’s here

3. Universities and society teach us only to find another “job”.

Waqas Ahmad, Software Engineer, applauded us and said,

“Well! It is your good attempt to divert the attention of the Pakistani IT Professionals towards this issue.

I have worked with a product company for two years. While I was there, I critically analyzed their business model. We know that our own product is more beneficial for us in various aspects but the question is why we have failed in adopting this business model despite the fact that we have bright future in it. This is because as business men we don’t invest money and time without any promised profit.

Companies consider output before input. In case of services companies are secure (Risking factor is undersized). They don’t care about the success rate of the product once delivered. But in case of product companies, resources, time and man power needs to be invested for a specific period of time. They don’t really know the end result.

Some companies are following this particular business model, they are getting stronger and popular in the global market. I would like to conclude ,by saying that we need to change our attitude and should invest resources in products.”

Many gave their own comments in accordance with their own perspective. Some agreed while others disagreed. We have the talent, we have the exposure and we have the resources and there are places where these are being utilized and exceptional products are being developed. Our aim should be to create and not to depend. Because it is high time now that the world should know about the real talent which exists in our country.


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Imran Hussain March 9, 2011 at 3:23 AM

Cleantouch Software Corp., Pakistan has been launched many innovative products including English-Urdu Dictionaries and Khazain-ul-Hidayat.

Faisal Zafar March 9, 2011 at 3:57 AM

Well, As a project manager, i analysis that in Pakistan most of the employers are looking for quick return back of their investment and employees having quick job switching ratio more. When developing a product you need at-least 1 to 2 years required for maturing the product, in this time period you need to focus on so many constraints like market trend of project, project cost, project scope existence, project time line, resources availability etc. Due to that reason we are getting less focus on product and give more focus on third party projects.

Nauman March 9, 2011 at 5:31 AM

You have highlighted a very important aspect of Pak IT industry. We at Sorcim Technologies just shifted our focus from being a service oriented company to a product one. What we have found is that in product there is room for more innovation and it is a more safe business model as compared to the service industry. One of our software product, RegInOut, now has been gaining popularity fast. http://www.reginout.com

Atta ur rehman March 9, 2011 at 6:40 AM

Lack of Vision and Fear of Experiments failure.

M.D Khan March 10, 2011 at 2:42 AM

well, as far as i know about Pakistan Software Industry that we don’t have giant software company who can make fundings or invest for the production.

P.S Netsol’s Insurance software is very much famous in China and i think it shows our level that we have a market in china while china owns almost whole world’s market:). Same goes with Cricket Power, and so on…

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