Android Application Development Seminar April 2011

by Noc Team on April 20, 2011

Photography by Talal Masood IT Industry is gaining momentum on its events, and so is CodeWeek. With the success of our first event, we decided to go for another this month, and on 16th of April, we welcomed an inquisitive and amazing audience along with remarkable speakers. The seminar lapsed for complete four hours where four speakers presented highly interactive presentations. Speakers belonged to varied companies and came from different backgrounds. As a result of which, different experiences came in the forefront.

The GameBoss (GenITeam), Vopium, Adamsoft International, and Anahata Solutions stepped forward in order to support us in our efforts. With that Shapes provided us with their conference room which ended up being fully packed. Not only professionals from varied companies but coders and developers from different companies also joined us as audience.

Faizan Iftikhar, Head Mobile Product Development, The GameBoss

Our event was opened by Faizan Iftikhar who is currently working as head mobile product development at The GameBoss, which is an offshoot of GenITeam. Faizan over a period of time has showed his ability to deliver substantial revenue, productivity, and quality improvements through well-managed, on-time projects. At the seminar he provided the audience with a review on mobile market, he also highlighted the significant aspects of revenue streams and also highlighted why one should choose Android. His success tips in accordance with the Game Boss way were well received by the audience.

Asim Ghafoor, Technical Manager, AdamSoft International

Faizan’s presentation was followed by Asim Ghafoor’s, who taught the audience ‘how to make money in a successful Android Applications Business’. He also talked about the Android Market, In-app Billing and alternatives. Highlighting the various aspects of revenue streams, he provided the audience with examples of self owned Android Applications as well.

Sajid Iqbal, Sr. Application Architect, Vopium

Sajid Iqbal, Sr. Application Architect at Vopium, presented on ‘Android Native Application Development’, with his expertise he also provided information to the audience about Vopium (the Skype competitor). He highlighted the difference between SDK and NDK. Explained advantages of using Native code and added information about the scope of NDK and setup environment. He also talked about NativeActivity, Native code integration, available NDK APIS and resources. With the closing of his interactive presentation, he also provided demonstration of Android Application presenting real code.

Usman Sharif, CTO Anahata Solutions

The event was closed by Usman Sharif, who is currently associated with Anahata Solution as its CTO. His topic was ‘Integration with Android Applications’. He discussed Android primer (Activities, Intents, Application Development) and provided with actual code. He developed a hello world application in front of the audience. The presentation of the real code did excite the audience and as a result they were energized with real coding. The event ended with refreshments and networking opportunities  for the audience. Even after asking many questions from speakers during the presentations the attendees had  more to ask even after the seminar was over. The question answer session after each presentation made the whole seminar interactive. The discussions which followed were highly appreciated and expertly handled by the speakers. Stay tuned for more such events, because our innovative banks are packed with amazing ideas.

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Muhammad Umair April 20, 2011 at 7:00 AM

Can you plz upload the presentationslied or other material for those people who cant attend the session Like if i am in karachi and this event was held on lahore ….

Usama Ahmd April 20, 2011 at 10:14 AM

I attended the seminar and found it really information. Thanks for the codeweek team.

Usman Sharif’s presentation was quite inspiring and helped me to create my First android app, which will be launched within a week.

Asim Ghafoor’s marketing tactics are quite remarkable even. Even if we make free apps we can earn cash using them.

Muddasar Khan April 20, 2011 at 1:22 PM

It is really appreciated that in pakistan work on mobile application has started as well as the ANDROID has given a chance to develop more user friendly enviornmented application for user. Before this i have come to know from CODEWEEK that PHOTO EDITOR application for mobile ( I think it was for black berry or IPOD) has stood first on their official site and this was developed by a Pakistani.

I really appreciate the CODEWEEK for their struggle to encourage Pakistani Software Houses in front of the world. Dear Admin if you feel that i can work for CODEWEEK then let me know. i am really interested to promote Pakistan Software (Web, desktop, mobile etc ) Developer and want to redirect the clients towards pakistan.

It can become very earning industry.. special mobile application development..

Best Regards
Muddasar Khan

tamoor May 9, 2011 at 3:48 AM

You should have mentioned some informative points here too. So that people who could not attend it could get some benefit too.

I didn’t come to know when the seminar was held. But a good effort by you people.

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