Developer Recession

by Noc Team on June 15, 2011

By Hamid Sheikh

When it comes to hiring developers, IT recruiters face an uphill battle. The task of an IT recruiter is made further difficult by the constant technological developments and the slow pace at which the IT Developers acquaint themselves with a particular technology.

The economic recession has led to a greater dependency of businesses on IT platforms. To entertain the requirements of every client, a top quality developer is required who can come up with a flawless and simple to read code that can be incorporated into a particular business model to maximize profitability. An IT recruiter may seem to be making the biggest bucks within his fraternity; however the success does come with a big price. On the surface, there seems to be a draught of great Developers; and unless a Recruiter is lucky, getting hands on one is a daunting task.

There are multiple challenges faced by an IT recruiter when it comes to hiring developers. Th following perspectives need to be kept in mind,

1)       Candidates

2)       Clients


There a lot of aspects to a candidate that can pose a problem for the IT recruiters when they are out on the hunt for great developers.

Good Developers are seldom looking for work:

One of the biggest challenges for the IT recruiter lies in the fact that great developers are almost never out of work. May there be a recession or any other event that might lead to redundancies, top quality developers are happily employed even then.

Location of the candidate:

Due to better opportunities and work environment in the metropolitan cities, most of the quality IT human resource is concentrated in these areas. Hence, if an opportunity arises in a rather remote location, it becomes extremely difficult for the IT recruiter to seek a good developer. Although, the salary structure is better but due to the lack in the quality of life, great developers think twice before choosing relocation.

Shortage of Skill:

The foremost and the most important thing that sets an average developer apart from a great one is the level and grasp of a particular skill. For example, if an IT Recruiter is looking for a PHP Developer, the candidate database would give a number of matches, however, quality of the developer can never be ensured until put to stern tests. To judge a great PHP Developer, the IT recruiter should be educated enough to test the potential candidate verbally and also through a series of programming tests.

Candidates Personality:

This can be one of the most challenging aspects of a developer that the IT Recruiter faces while short listing candidates. A candidate may be a good Developer but possessing a personality that is a good cultural fit is equally important from a client’s perspective. For example, when searching for an International Client Relationship Manager/Developer, apart from a strong technical knowledge, they need to have an excellent communication level for him/her to be a genuine success in this position. So, an IT Recruiter should make sure that whilst seeking a candidate for this particular position, special emphasis is laid on judging the communication level. Similarly, while hiring for a relatively junior Developer to be a part of a Development team, it is always a challenge for the IT recruiter to seek a person who is not an introvert for him to be a perfect fit.


The IT Recruiters face a dilemma from the client side as well when seeking a good developer.

Quality comes with a price tag:

Often the clients forget that if they want a great developer to come on board they need to pay better than the market rate. This is a simple Supply/Demand concept and since top quality developers are in great demand and short supply, their salary expectations are way higher than the average developer. Unfortunately, many times, the salary quotes that are given to the IT recruiters by the clients are not good enough to hire a Developer from the top drawer.

Incomplete information:

Due to the busy schedule or some other issues, the clients do not provide the IT recruiter with complete information about the candidate’s profile that they are seeking. For an IT recruiter to do the job effectively, it is imperative that he/she is provided with ample information. For example, by just informing the Recruiter that you require an ‘IT Project Manager’, you can never ensure quality results. An IT recruiter should always have a job Performa that could be sent across to the client in order to seek as much information from the client as possible. This would not only make the recruiter’s job easy but would go a long way in developing a strong relationship with the client.


As discussed above, the IT recruiter faces multiple challenges while seeking great developers and this could only be solved once all the parties involved in the process perform their parts effectively.


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Junaid Atique June 16, 2011 at 4:49 AM

great article. I agree with you.

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