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by Noc Team on June 17, 2011

‘Email is great, except when there’s too much of it’. Priority inbox by Gmail intuitively sifts the incoming e-mails assisting you in focusing on the most important threads; priority inbox saves time and thus proves to be a huge productivity booster, providing you with automatic and organized setting.

As messages come in, Gmail automatically flags some of them as important. Gmail uses a variety of signals to predict which messages are important, including the people you email most.

Why do you lose leads every day? simply because they are not prioritized, and in case you have lost all your priority emails in the junk then you are probably missing out on your priorities. Google’s priority inbox provides it users the convenience of sorting the priority emails by identifying important emails and ignoring the not-so-important ones.

Gmail official blog says that “Gmail has always been pretty good at filtering junk mail into the “spam” folder. But today, in addition to spam, people get a lot of mail that isn’t outright junk but isn’t very important—bologna, or “bacn.”

With time Gmail has become pretty good at separating “bologna” from the important stuff, and assists you just like your personal assistant would.

Dividing your inbox into three sections Gmail names each category separately. As I said earlier Gmail identifies important emails now I am going to show you how the entire inbox behaves:

‘Important and Unread’

You don’t have to choose which email is important and which is not, instead Gmail itself manages the most important emails through reading your daily habits of opening and reading emails. The ones you open and reply to frequently always land in the priority inbox.


Starred are usually chosen by yourself. When you check the star option for any email, Gmail throws it in the middle section of your inbox where it stays till the next time you want.

The third section of your priority inbox consists of everything else i.e. Bologna. All the read emails, all the unimportant ones and all the newsletters hic you have subscribed to earlier Gmail sets everything straight in your inbox.

“You can even set up filters to always mark certain things important or unimportant, or rearrange and customize the three inbox sections.”

This is Gmail’s way to fight the inbox terrorist ‘spam’, and time consumption. As they say “When we tested Priority Inbox at Google, we found that people spent 6 percent less time on e-mail after enabling this feature. This translates to a week’s worth of time saved each year for information workers who typically spend 13 hours per week on e-mail today.”


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