Finding The Star Candidate- A Desi Perspective

by Noc Team on June 8, 2011

By Hamid Sheikh

Social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are being perceived as “people search engines”. We recruiters perceive them as “job search engines”.


Because, in recent times, the advent of social media has brought about a highly innovative way where recruiters and job seekers can find each other. While you are in search of a relevant job, we are in search of you.

Though there are various candidate databases that provide access to a large sum of talent pool, but at the same time they charge staggering amounts in licensing fees. Taxing the pocket of a recruiter with no guaranteed return.

From a recruiter’s perspective, these social networking services prove to be of great help since they allow one to have access to a quality and diverse human resource from all across the globe – for free. From my personal approach I have created a list for all the job seekers out there, so that they can find the right kind of job for them, all you have to do is stalk a recruiter on these social media platforms.

Without further ado, let’s meet them one by one…

LinkedIn- identifying the best professional

LinkedIn has some exclusive features that can help a recruiter find the right candidate in a matter of a few clicks. Following are some of the key advantages that LinkedIn has for any IT recruiter.

Candidate pool: LinkedIn has over 100 million professionals; and although not all of them may be of use to a recruiter, the likelihood of coming across candidates, who might be passive (or not actively seeking work) on job portals, is promising. A candidate with the resume on an online HR database is likely to be sourced by a number of other recruiters; this decreases a recruiter’s chances of having a somewhat exclusive access to the candidate, thereby jeopardizing the revenue through a potential account. Although it is difficult to establish contact with a candidate on LinkedIn, once established, this contact between recruiter and candidate via a social network can become a strong professional relationship.

Advice for job seekers: Be available. Check your emails and update your status every minute. They may be searching you for your skills, location, academic background, interests, company name etc. filtering out the best resource from a group of average professionals. Finding candidates with specific skills makes their job easy and will eventually make you happy. Keep your recommendations updated. This gives a great insight into the quality of the candidate, and a lot of times, it helps in identifying a best candidate.

Facebook- finding the star candidate

Facebook, (despised by many software professionals due to their non-social attitude) may not be the best way to measure the quality of the candidate’s professional abilities; however, it does give a chance to the IT recruiters to get an overview of their personality.

A social networking website such as Facebook echoes the personality of a person to a great extent. Hence, while hiring, it is always helpful. Although one’s skills are the key to securing a job within the IT sector, at times having (for example) an outgoing personality is demand of the client. Clients demands are based on the kind of environment they create in a workspace.

Employees at Google are exposed to a completely different work environment compared to those working at, let’s say Microsoft. So, Facebook assists an IT recruiter in understanding the candidate better. Also, with over 500 million people using Facebook, and the SNS boasting a large number of active “Groups” and “Pages”, Facebook allows an IT recruiter to gauge the candidate’s level of activity at such forums, and his interests better.

This might seem a bit extreme, but when a recruiter has a reputation of finding a star candidate, he must be extremely particular about the kind of candidates he presents to the client.

Twitter- at the speed of light

It is probably one of the quickest ways to relay information. Twitter helps an IT recruiter in reaching the best candidates by spreading information about a job at the speed of light.

Advice: snagging better job opportunities.

While social media makes the job of an IT recruiter easy, it is up to the candidate to present himself using social media in such a way that the likelihood of him being short listed by a recruiter is high. If a candidate’s profile misrepresents him, all the hard work put in by the recruiter, and all the benefits of social media are rendered useless.

Make a professional profile

In order to be visible to a recruiter, a candidate make a professional profile. This would mean, avoiding slang or offensive language or explicitly mentioning any event from personal life that may not be deemed as professional in the view of a recruiter. A profile should have a professional tone and look to it. It should be structured properly, and formatted in a way that makes sense to the recruiter when he goes through it.

Complete all the details, so that he can analyze and evaluate a candidate properly. Your profile should have a passport size photograph along contact information.

Update your profile

Update your profile as often as the need occurs. If there is a change in your professional status, your skills or your qualification, you need to upgrade and update your profile as soon as you can.

Your social profile needs to echo these changes as promptly as possible. For instance, you may have just completed a specialized training, or earned a specific qualification. If you fail to put it on your profile in time, you might end up being overlooked by a recruiter who sought a candidate with that particular skill. Hence, it is very important to constantly update your profile.

Social media opens up a world of opportunities for recruiters and candidates alike. It is, however, up them how they make use of these services. New tools and technologies may make the job of an IT recruiter and job seeker easier, but at the end of the day, it is all about finding that star candidate.

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Omair Lodhi June 10, 2011 at 12:03 PM

Hamid, your work is excellent and a job to read always.

My advise to you is simple, please keep writing

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