Witnessing Layoffs: Surviving The Lethal Cut

by Noc Team on June 22, 2011

Consider this: The Company you work for is downsizing and now it is your departments turn. Many are notified for their dismissal, you are retained. The victims force you to leave and resign with them.

What do you do?

If a company retains you, it retains you for a purpose which maybe your skills, your attitude towards work and your ability to stay put in the worst of circumstances.

Planning and implementing layoffs is not an easy task for any company. It involves a company’s reputation and an employee’s future at the same time. If you think companies have a habit of downsizing teams every now and then, think again, because out of every cut that is made, there develops a detest. Due to which opponents simply describe downsizing as corporate greed. The victims consider it as a ritual sacrifice for the same reason. And media declares such adjustments as destruction of economy.

We have every perspective we need, but we always ignore one. This time we will neither discuss why companies downsize, nor the fact that what to do when you are a victim. But here we will discuss a third perspective, a perspective which stands on a side but is directly affected by it.

Not by losing a job but by being retained by that company.

Witnessing Layoffs!

Being retained during downsizing simply means that you are hardworking and capable. But is that enough for surviving through such a situation? You might have lost your team, and have no one to lead. The project which interested you is no longer there. Growth has a question mark at its end. Your team is much smaller than the team you were leading five years earlier. The tasks now are less challenging, less intellectual and based on lesser budgets. Further trainings are neither being implemented nor encouraged.


Morale downsizes to 20%

‘Hey! At least you have a job’.

Such a thought might satisfy you for a brief period of time, and inspirational and positive quotes are energy and mood lifters.

Temporary Mood lifters

Professionals join the IT industry because they are crazy about the next big thing. They join it as an opportunity to increase their skills. But when they feel that these opportunities are slipping away, then even the mood lifters don’t work anymore.

It gets harder to go to work every day.

How do you get through such a situation?

By switching? What if you observe another layoff in the next company as well and they may not be ready to retain you at any point?

Surviving the lethal cut

Your department has been downsized. You have lost the best team mates now how do you plan to survive with all the anger and frustration?

Here’s the thing: You Act

When software is buggy and release date is nearby, do you sit and wait some miracle to happen.

Obviously not.

You don’t just sit there and wait for bugs to crawl out or start dreaming things differently, rather you act. You work harder in order to understand and evaluate the complexity instead of depending on the mood lifting quotes.

Reflect the intellectual athlete you are.

Being an avid developer you know how good code is in a constant state of flux. But you always end up understanding the complexities because the years of experience you have gained has helped you in becoming a better developer each day. So when complexities develop in your everyday work, you make things harmonious for yourself,

Not for mere survival, but for progress.

Because we don’t see programmers and coders as mere software professionals struggling with code, we see them as professional athletes who are exceptional in their skills. Professionals join the IT industry because they are crazy about the next big thing. If you compare the previous three years from 2008 to 2011, then you will observe indefinite technological advances. These range from development in programming languages, to introduction of new mobile platforms and also the fact that these changes are not slowing down at any cost.

If you keep on researching and learning about new technologies they might become useful to you. Because IT is not about objective and focus only. It requires a bit of passion as well.

Reward for refracting yourself

We agree that it is difficult to survive with in such an economy and such a company but before you stop reading further, consider why your company retained you. And then consider the next phase of growth and reward it is about to offer you.

We are fortunate to be a part of an industry which is growing constantly. One or two layoffs do not in any way signify end. Companies have the ability of retaining themselves and if you stay mentally afloat during hard times, then companies also have the ability to reward such efforts.

That leaves you with two options

·         You can either leave and get started with greener pastures.

·         Or you can wait for the management to reward your efforts with a bigger team, where you will be offered with an opportunity to guide and support a team of hardworking professionals.

Because if a company retains you, it retains you for a purpose which maybe your skills, your attitude towards work and your ability to stay put in the worst of circumstances.




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