Why we stagger behind in Information Technology

by Noc Team on June 24, 2011

Chairman and CEO NetSol Technologies Ltd, Salim Ghauri has said that the Information Technology (IT) institutes across the country are producing quality students but the global image of Pakistan is proving the only impediment to grow for IT industry.

While addressing the students of GIFT University Gujranwala, Mr Ghauri was sharing his success story as a successful IT entrepreneur of Pakistan.

Chairman and CEO NetSol Technologies said the international customers are looking towards Pakistan with a long term perspective but only the negative image of the country was hampering continual growth of IT industry. Especially, he said, the recent incidents have again caused serious setback to the country’s image. However, he expressed the hope that Pakistan would come out of negative image in the long run like it has passed through the incidents as 9/11, London bombing and Mumbai attacks.

He said “Pakistan is not merely an IT service provider country but it is exporting quality products while meeting time deadlines and budget requirements of the customers. Therefore, political and
economic stability is the only issue of Pakistan”. He also said that majority of international clients are interested in having long term business relations with Pakistan’s IT industry in order to take benefit from its brilliant human resource.

Mr Ghauri also mentioned that the global indexes suggest that Pakistan is still the most easiest business doing country therefore, a good number of new IT companies are emerging on the scene one after another in order to cater to the requirements of world community. It is also resulting into a challenging situation on availability of sufficient number of human resource for the industry.

Chairman NetSol urged the government to deploy more and more brains and resources in building up positive image of Pakistan. He said that the foreign missions and embassies of the country are performing a great job on this front. Representatives of international community should be invited to Pakistan in order to remove the negative wrong perceptions about our country.

He said recently a team of World Bank economic experts has visited NetSol Technologies in order to prepare a case study on Netsol’s success story. The purpose of this visit was to discuss challenges and opportunities faced by Pakistan’s IT industry and to understand policy levers that
can further help its growth.


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