Dell says: crawl, walk and run- Ali Jaleel

by Noc Team on July 13, 2011

By Muhammad Yasir

Ali Jaleel, General Manager Dell (for South Asia Growing Economies), has 14 years of experience in his field. He has also been associated with Compaq Computers and Microsoft in Ceato.

He was given the opportunity of setting up Dell offices in Pakistan with which he expanded its business network in major cities.

Ali Jaleel, General Manager Dell.

Jaleel: Pakistan is a growing economy which has a significant population comprising of young people enabling technology rapidly. People here are adopting new technology, its latest trends and equipments including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

CodeWeek: Will these Tablets be successful in Pakistan?

Jaleel: Pakistan is the country where different brands have introduced their tablets and got tremendous response from the market. The buying power of the people is limited but now people are more interested in technology and they want to explore new gadgets, tablets, laptops as a fashion to adopt in their lives. So Dell has entered into Pakistani market with the hope of attracting number of customers in the local markets.

CodeWeek: Which of the tablets is more in demand Streak 5 or streak 7, in Pakistan?

Jaleel: Streak 5 is the most favorite product of Dell fans worldwide due to its design and size. It is viable and user-friendly with its pocket sized specialty. Though Dell has launched its Streak 7, which is its latest product, however, Streak 5 is the most popular in the world and now it has been introduced in Pakistan with the expectation to get tremendous repute and response from customer’s side.

Streak 5 provides better solutions to youngsters and business owners as well depending how they can avail the features embellished in the Tablet.

CodeWeek: How do you see the potential market size of Tablet users in Pakistan?

Jaleel: There is a stiff competition among Tablets and Smartphones brands in Pakistan market. The market is limited to 20,000 to 25,000 but it is flourishing rapidly on the high demand of the users as they are becoming aware about technology and its benefit in their social and work life.

Dell’s strategy is based on one phenomenon, ‘crawl, walk and run’. Crawl is when we enter a market and set up our offices and focus on the enterprise. Once we are in the top three positions, first, second or third, we say we have started walking. But the only way to grow is to be in a leadership position in the consumer market. We have been through crawl and walk stage and now we are in the run position which includes both enterprise and the consumer markets. So we are focusing on the enterprise as well as the consumer market.

CodeWeek: What was the main idea behind launching a Tablet in collaboration with Mobilink?

Jaleel: Mobilink is leading the cellular sector with creditability and providing access to millions of customers’ base.  The partnership is vital and productive because Dell with Mobilink is targeting customers seeking best technology and services alike. The marriage of two brands established a value and reliability in the market. This helps both companies to strengthen their product and services through strong marketing and advertisement campaigns.

CodeWeek: What are the different potential areas of business for Dell in Pakistan?

Jaleel: Pakistan is an emerging economy amid unabated potential in its huge population.  The youth and business class are vibrant and eager to adopt latest technology in their life.

Dell’s business has been growing since 2007. Now, we have our main offices in three major cities of the country—Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Hundreds of distributors and channels are working with us besides our 250 family members.

Dell has been in Pakistan since three years and already expanding its sales channels and technology partners from quarter to quarter. Dell takes pride in being one of the greenest companies which also invests a lot in citizenship initiatives around the world, besides taking good care of its human resource.

CodeWeek: What is the major product of Dell in Pakistan?

Jaleel: The Laptop market is expanding rapidly in Pakistan, which is our targeted market. The PCs are being replaced by Laptops rapidly. Besides, Dell Notebooks have grabbed significant share in the market with its latest brands and user-friendly features. But it does not mean that PCs vanish altogether. There is a certain environment where a customer needs a PC or at least a terminal if not a full fledged PC. It includes places like banks, airlines offices, government offices, etc. In certain environments where notebook is not required, you will not require PCs. There you will only see a server and people at different places with LCDs and keyboards.

CodeWeek: Do you think Tablets and Laptops have identity on the pattern of IMEI for cell phones?

Jaleel: Some encryption software and hardware is available so that if your laptop is stolen, the data does not fall in the wrong hands. If your laptop is encrypted, the data will be useless for a thief. But the machine itself cannot be rendered useless.

CodeWeek: Does Dell provide after sale support?

Jaleel: We sell through our partners. We have representative and liaison offices and have authorized partners who are trained and certified by Dell. We have a parts exchange center with a warehouse in Karachi. We are keeping an inventory worth a million dollars in parts. We provide 3-year warranty to all our enterprise customers and a year warranty of parts exchange to the consumer segment.



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