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by Noc Team on July 27, 2011

IT Industry is gaining momentum on its events, and so is CodeWeek.

March 20th came face to face with high profile iPhone Application developers, with CodeWeek as its host.

CodeWeek landed offline with its first event of 2011,

“Get your Apps Straight on iOS4”

iPhone Application Development Seminar

With the success of our first event on iPhone Application Development, we decided to go for another on Android, and on 16th of April, we welcomed an inquisitive and amazing audience along with remarkable speakers. The seminar lapsed for complete four hours where four speakers presented highly interactive presentations. Speakers belonged to varied companies and came from different backgrounds. As a result of which, different experiences came in the forefront.


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Asad July 28, 2011 at 2:03 AM

we decided to go for another on Android, and on 16th of April,

Q : Android Seminar will be on 16th of April ? talking about 2012 ?

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