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by Noc Team on September 3, 2009

A jump start should never be the option. One should always start from one small thing and then build it every day. It is like taking a successful step forward every passing minute. Do you think all the major search engines and websites of various companies and newspapers have always been the way they are. No they have not.

So  today, we decided to go back in time with the help of Way Back Machine and bring in front of you the way the most famous websites looked during their initial days. We humans are always inquisitive about how the world looked like in its earliest incarnations. We failed to get pictures of the world but we do have something for our readers something interesting which they can enjoy.

World famous internet company and brand actually started its journey in 1996 when Larry Page, joined by Sergey Brin. In 1996 Google was launched as,


Then in 1998 it moved many steps and Google looked like this,


A social networking website, Facebook, which is used by millions of users all over the world previously looked like this in 2004,


And twitter, on the other hand had a totally different look during its first launch in 2006,


YouTube, video sharing website, which you visit almost everyday from your offices, it used to look like this 2005,


And Wikipedia had a totally different face in 2001,


and then when we came across Amazon in 1995, it was something like this,


But the most Amazing and Shocking discovery was Apple in 1996. Today, we hear people saying ‘EVERYTHING APPLE‘. We want to show you where it started from,


Welcome to the APPLE WORLD

Your most famous median of NEWS on the cyber space, New York Times, looked like this during its first launch in 1995,


If you were a fan of Flikr then let us show you how far they have developed themselves since their launch in 2004,


This is how the old cyber world looked like a decade back, lets see in 2019, how far will they change and develop themselves. We will show you more of these. Thus you can see that nothing happens in split seconds everything and everyone changes and transforms in an entire different persona as the time passes by. When you look back through the wackback machine, only then you realize how far the cuber world has changed.

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Asif September 9, 2009 at 6:37 AM

Nice Sharing, mean to say Project are not important, your ideas does matter …. Think Big

asif hameed September 11, 2009 at 8:38 AM

Good Post. Slow and steady wins the race …

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