Let There Be Lite With Facebook lite

by Noc Team on September 12, 2009

Shedding all its heavy applications, now Facebook is ready to reach in every part of the world as Facebook Lite. Now it looks more like twitter in its appearance and function. It aims to reach the developing nations where internet connections are slow and people are therefore unable to access such social networking websites. The HTML has been optimized, so there is lesser code for browsers to download.

facebook lite

It is available not only in India and America, but is various parts of Asia as well. It is ideal for smart phone users and netbook users. It faster and simpler way of keeping in touch with your friends and family, all the time, wherever you are.  It is also targets those who are still in search of new and easy tools of social networking, in the deep sea of World Wide Web. Have a look at the regular and the lite versions of facebook,

regular facebook

Regular Version

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

What makes the two versions different from each other,

  • Facebook Lite loads much faster than the regular Facebook version. It seems empty and incomplete at the first look.
  • There are no status updates anymore. “What’s on your mind?” bar removed
  • It lacks the chatting window sessions, where people spend hours conversing with their friends.
  • You will miss out the applications people are crazy about the games, the quizzes, the personality tests etc.
  • No way of creating or visiting groups. Now lack of Fanship might affect the online marketing and business strategies.
  • Events and birthday feeds appear in a single line on the home page.
  • The size and amount of ads has also decreased.
  • Some features are not ready yet.

fb_lite feature aint ready

Users are still trying to figure out how can they share their videos on Facebook Lite.

With so many things removed and deleted, people still prefer the lite version. Well the main reason is that everyone is busy and everyone prefers simple versions of everything available. People also argue that Myspace and the regular Facebook are a strain for the eyes. It is also believed by many that Facebook Lite may bring a revolution and change the way websites are designed. The heavy loaded websites with so many categories might not be seen in the near future OR it counld even be the other way round.

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Asif Hameed September 14, 2009 at 4:06 AM

Light version of facebook can be challenging for twitter because twitter is getting popular for its simplicity.

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