Do’s and Don’ts of Ramadan For Software Engineers

by Noc Team on September 16, 2009

ramazan_kareemIn Ramadan, People have been cataloguing their entire life on Facebook and Twitter, as they did before. We have witnessed many times that these open announcements, most of the times have lead to fights, embarrassments, and most of the time deactivation of personal accounts. But in Ramadan we wish to decrease your tension. Here are some of the social networking ethics which should be strictly followed, in Ramadan, by every Software Engineer, in fact, by every individual out there.

  • Update your status five times a day

You know that we Muslims offer prayer five times a day and we know that you update your status every day, oh sorry, every passing minute that is. So we advise you to log in to twitter and facebook account only 5 minutes before you go for namaz. Which is five times a day? This might help a 24/7 facebook user to be inspired by you and then get up and offer his prayers at the right time, every time you update your status.

  • DO NOT make long, sincere and deep Duas on “WHATS ON YOUR MIND?”

Whatever you need from Allah, write it on a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow when you sleep. No there will be no magic wand working over here, it all depends on the Almighty instead of announcing it in front of the world. TRUST US; the world will only make fun of you, some things need to be kept very close to you and your heart.

  • Do not over share:

Yes we obviously know that you had a wonderful Aftari at someone’s place, or at a restaurant, or at some Cafe, but please do not update your status by declaring what followed after that. We honestly do not want to know about your acidities and constipations. And we honestly do not know want to know what and where you ate. So, it will be greatly appreciated to keep it to yourself whatever you did or did not.

  • Do not hurt anyone and control  anger in all situations.

We know that ROZA LAG RAHA HAI. But that does not mean that you should start fighting with everyone or anyone who comes across. Nobody cares about your frame of mind. Everyone is fasting so mind you, control your temper and yourself. On the other hand, if someone has completely failed to offer you an extravagant meal at aftari, do not curse that person on your status updates. Because he might also be cursing you, for eating all his food at the other end.

  • Donate an Ayat

Donate one Ayat every day, or more appropriately donate your status update completely to Ramazan. If you can Go Green then you can definitely Go Ayat every day. So let’s see how far this campaign goes. So, Go Ayat every day.

  • Spend more time with your family

Instead of Zouking or Tweeting try spending more time your family. You can go for outing every day, but you will not be able to have a superb Aftari with your family.

  • Read a book on our Prophet PBUH

Instead of reading a blog try reading a book, yes I am referring to the Holy Quran. O, come on, all we are asking you is for devotion of one complete month out of twelve. Because we know that you can definitely do it.

  • Plan for the next year

If you completely failed to follow the first few rules set by us, then just think and create a resolution for years to come. And start planning ways of devoting yourself to it. Because from then onwards there will be no excuses.

  • Neither shall you steal

Okay this time you can steal but only if the status update is Go Ayat Update, otherwise you really don’t have a chance.

  • Evaluate your (self) status updates

Last but not the least evaluate yourself. Don’t ask how. if you have not followed any of the above tasks then don’t ask questions, just check your status updates and consider them as someone else’s, you will know exactly what we are referring to.

Pick things from this list and define the sequence you would want to pursue. This will help you avoid wasting your time in unproductive chats which is common in the festive on Facebook and even at the Masjids during Ramadan.

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mazhar September 16, 2009 at 12:14 AM

good things and I really want to appreciate the start of khalis pakistani thing

Nadia September 16, 2009 at 11:48 AM

Very true. and we have to follow.

Muhammad Tahir Tanoli September 19, 2009 at 6:23 AM



Nice words quota ted .Keep doing so.
Following it … Is best choice to update your ISLAMIC life-style in 24 hr of our life.

~*~ – – Message – – ~*~

Bring these things in your life
1:- Start your every work in the Name of ALLAH.
2:- Speak Truth
3:- Respect your elders
4:- Pray five time a day
5:- Always speak Good Words
6:- Guide others if they do wrong things
7:- Do not waste your time in wrong things

and Always note what you have done in your 24 hrs.
If you fined faults in our daily routine then try to avoid form it.

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