Motorola All Set For 20 New Headsets

by Noc Team on October 30, 2009

motorola_3Droid is just the new beginning; Motorolla is all set to release 20 new handsets in 2010. Motorola’s rebirth is a new step towards a prosperous future. As the CEO Sanjay Jha quoted ‘multiple tens’ when asked on how many phones Moto is planning next year, and firming that to at least 20 when pushed.

“We will have two Android devices (for the holidays in the U.S.),” said Jha, adding that deals are already in place with two major carriers with more to follow. “We also have plans for more devices in the first quarter of 2010.”

The Motorola Droid is the first Android 2.0 smartphone. With Google already stating that it expects 18 Android phones to be released by the end of 2009, a target that seems like it will be hard to hit with only eight or so released thus far.

With Motorola claiming a new mark with its Android in market, it seems that Android will be the most important for the company as they will finally bring it back to the race. The Android launches “will get us back in the game in smartphones,” said Jha.

It is also believed that Motorola’s handset business depends on entirely on Android.  In its second quarter earnings results, Motorola said that its mobile device sales were $1.8 billion, down 45 percent from a year ago. The operating loss for the quarter was $253 million, better than the $346 million loss a year ago.

However, 20 new headsets mean a lot of choice for Motorola’s fans. So 2010 will be a year of a lot of options for the people who are anxiously waiting for Motorola to claim lost grounds.

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