Announcing Your Arrival On Search Engines

by Noc Team on October 21, 2009


Contributed by Faisal Shehzad

With the increasing importance of web presence many ways have been developed to promote a web site. I‘ll discuss on search engine because it’s the most effective and easiest way.

Announcing your arrival on search engines:

The tabs below go directly to the add URL pages of major search engines:

  • Azoos

  • AOL Search

  • AltaVista

  • Google

  • Lycos

  • Inktomi

  • MSN Search

  • Yahoo

1. Use META tags.

Most search engine will look inside META tags in your web page. Here is the example of how to use <META> tags.

<meta name=”description” content=”How to promote your web site.”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”announcing web site, web submission, web promote, internet promotions, submit”>

These META tags should be put in <HEAD></HEAD>. In “description”, put the brief description of your page. In “keywords”, list the keywords that you think your visitors will find your site by typing those keywords. You can separate each keywords or description by using comma (,) as shown above.

2. Page Title

Infoseek will use your title as the priority in their search process. Name your title carefully. Try and thinki about which keywords your visitors will type to find your page. Yahoo also uses such page titles and the descriptions  which you submit during search.

3. Contents of your page.

Some search engines such as Excite will not read META tag but it will look at the content of your site. If you use image map, please make sure that you also have words as alternatives.

4. Don’t repeat the same keywords more than 5 times in META tag.

Lycos, will ban your page (by placing it down the list or not listing it) if they find that you are repeating words to improve the ranking.

5. Make sure that there are keywords in 3 places.

Yeah! Make sure that there are keywords in 3 places: META tags, page title, and contents of your page.

Search Engine Secret:

Only some people are aware about the time a search engine takes to submit and process.

Search Engine: Processing Time: Use <META> How it works:
AltaVista 1-3 days Yes AltaVista will look for page titles and description in <META> to match search keywords. About a month after your submission, it will revisit your site to find other pages to be added.
Excite 4-6 weeks No Excite will look at the words in your pages. Make sure that your pages contain keywords that visitors will use to search for your page. Excite follows links on your pages to find other pages on your site which need to be added. It will also follow frames links and may index the pages inside your frames.
HotBot 3-5 weeks Yes Pages which have keywords in <META> will be rated higher than pages that do not have <META>. It will analyse both META tags and page titles, so make sure keywords are in both places. Some common words such as “the,” “Web,” “A,” or even “HTML,” are ignored. If your page has a specific word, it will be ranked higher.
Infoseek immediately Yes Infoseek will look for page titles that match keywords (typed by visitors). If you think most of your visitors will type “CGI” as a keyword, so title your page with this word. You can frequently update your record on more than 1 time in 24 hour.
Lycos 4-6 weeks Yes Lycos will index the popular words in your page, so make sure that contents of your page contains keywords. It also looks in <META>, the keywords have to be there. Similar to Excite, it will index frames pages.
WebCrawler 4-6 weeks Yes WebCrawler lists page titles, so it’s a good idea to name your titles relevant to keywords. WebCrawler will not spider all your site. Submit each page separately.
Yahoo 4-6 weeks No Yahoo will keep your site in its categories. You may be listed in one or more categories depending on your contents. Searching process will match your page title with description you give  them. You may need to submit your site several times before getting listed.

Mailing lists:

  • Yahoo maintains a huge resource of mailing lists.


  • Deja News service is a great way to search Usenet newsgroups for particular topics.

  • www.announce is a forum where people post new site announcement.

  • There are also some more than hundreds news sites which are doing the same work.

Web Page Directories:

There are many directories growing every day around the world. Consider Yahoo. They maintain a huge resource.

Commercial service:

We no longer maintain the list of commercial submission services. If you’re interested in commercial service, please visit our sponsor, AAA Internet Promotion, to help keeping this site alive:)

AAA Internet Promotions offers a variety of web site promotions. The program is very interesting. You can ask for a regular directories listing service or even ask them to write PR letters sending to newspapers and magazines
to promote your site.

You can also find the lists of commercial submission services at Yahoo and web reference.


  • Give your site an award.

  • There are many site, which can award your site as the best, and if you submit your site to them then there are many chances to be on top.

Free submissions:

  • – Use this JavaScript to register you page in popular search engines.

  • Submit Express – Free website URL submission to more 40 top search engines and directories

  • – You can fill out one form and submit your site to all of major search engines at one time!

This work requires time and research. But if an individual is devoted then a site can be on top of many search engines.

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