FarmVille Turns ScamVille

by Noc Team on November 13, 2009

scamville-tc1Did you know Farmville is a SCAM. Across the World Wide Web it is believed, that behind your back, FarmVille players are being robbed through facebook by generating “hundreds of millions of dollars”. The game makes people pay cash in order to level up faster. At the same time, it also offers rewards where you can accessorise your farm or even expand it in size.

FarmVille allows its users to build and manage virtual farms by planting, growing and harvesting crops, trees and livestock. According to Zynga, the company which developed the game, users have built more than 40m virtual farms. Since its release in June, almost 60million people have jumped in and are playing it day and night.

Michael Arrington, founder of the Techcrunch blog, has severely criticized FarmVille for “monetizing”. He said it encouraged players to buy in-game currency, Farm Cash, which allows players to progress faster. Users go crazy after Farm Coins and Cash where they are provided with links to buy virtual money with real cash.

Farm Cash can be bought using credit cards or phone contracts. They can also be accumulated by signing up for free trials with third parties, some of which require the player to hand over credit card or mobile phone numbers. This can result in a ‘charge’ to that account if the player forgets to cancel the deal once the free trial ends.

In a post on Techcrunch, Arrington said: “These games try to get people to pay cash for in game currency so they can level up faster and have a better overall experience.” However, people who do not want to pay by card, or young people who don’t have their own credit card, can sign up for “offers” from advertisers to get more of the currency, or can pay through “pay by mobile” companies.

“Most of these offers are bad for consumers because it confusingly gets them to pay far more for in-game currency than if they just paid cash (there are notable exceptions, but the scammy stuff tends to crowd out the legitimate offers),” he said.

Everyone on facebook is addicted to Farmville. Why? Every status update, every home page is loaded with notifications and invitations to join in. This addiction started a few months back with its launch in June.

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Usman Ur Rehman November 21, 2009 at 8:15 AM

This is true, not “FarmVille” but many other application doing this same thing . . . And deceiving others by giving rewards and upgrading . . . People want to overcome there friends or other companions by doing this jobs . . .

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