Blast you, Farmville

by Noc Team on June 3, 2010

“Blast you, Farmville. The most addictive of Facebook games is hardly even a game.” Times And now this not so game has entered the real world. Oh don’t worry; it is not the scorching heat which you will have to suffer. Because Farmville has decided to enter the real world through MSN and Yahoo where more and more Sheppards await.

When Facebook was blocked, the first thing that came to many minds, “Oh! What about my crops, they will die”. O yes you guessed it right we are referring to Farms which have made everyone out their one thing they never despised in Pakistan, which is “virtual Sheppard”.
This bizarre digital addiction currently caters to millions of addicts around the world with a thousand of hours which go of waste. “It’s more a series of mindless chores on a digital farm, requiring the endless clicking of a mouse to plant and harvest crops.” Times

But how to they keep their players engaged? Why do the players keep coming back to the games? The main reason is what developers call “game mechanics”. These are the incentives which are provided to the players on winning. They may be points, coins, badges or even a chance to move on to the next level.

“Basically game mechanics are a way to get consumers addicted to things,” said Tim Chang, principal at Norwest Venture Partners, which has backed many social mobile game companies. “They keep people engaged to keep doing things, as opposed to what goes viral quick: You click, you watch and then never see it again.” These incentives motivate the players into playing the game and others like it. This is called “game-ification of life,” where points, coins, and badges become an important part of life.

Now Farmville is moving very fast in entering the advertising world. Where many advertisers have noticed the increasing popularity of the game across the globe. The first branded crop in Farmville is just around the corner and is ready to catch up.
Well you don’t have to worry about your fields because as you are also scared of the ban so is Farmville. They sure can’t let their Sheppard stroll away from them into the darkness leaving the farms unattended. So here we are where Farmville decided to join us in the real world.

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