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by Noc Team on November 17, 2010

Every day we come across many software businesses which have succeeded. We read about them in books while starting our own businesses. But what about those which never make it to the market, and die a painful death in the middle of their launch.

Success stories boost our confidence and prepare us for the best yet to come. At the same time, there is a lot to learn from stories of failure as well. What are the mistakes which one needs to look out from? Are there people who wish to give an advice to the ones who have yet to get started?

If you have ever worked on a failed project or a product, or are currently associated with one which has failed to fly high as it was supposed to, then write for us story of real projects and real names. Stories of failed software projects, from where others can get help and advice before getting started or before investing more.

What we require is:

  • A brief introduction of the project itself.
  • Reason of its commercial failure
  • Where exactly things went wrong?
  • How much was invested in terms of time and?
  • The results: where is it today? Have you transformed it into a more interesting entity?
  • Any regrets?
  • Any final advice for others, what you could have done differently?

Write your story to us at

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