The Rikshaw Driver Finally brought us Towards the End

by Noc Team on December 8, 2010

Here the list of the best of 2010 continues and we bring to you the best so far…

Going To Lalukhet? Don’t Kill the Rickshaw Driver

The ball point in your pocket is mightier than the sword. You want to kill the rickshaw driver with it. And just before you poke the pen into his back, you remember the article you read in Codeweek. This makes you look back at where it all began.

Fired or Not: Time To Go For A Startup

You left your job and are in search of another one. These are definitely the lean times where there are no suitable vacancies. You are free and have some experience, but have no idea about what to do with it. You take some money (which you had saved from your previous job) and start your own small business. It becomes a success and starts flourishing and then suddenly it falls to the ground due to XYZ and then BAM. Nothing is left behind. A complete collapse. What do you do now…

Apples iOS4- For the Developers

Last week at Apples World Wide Developer Conference Steve Jobs unveiled iPhoneOS’s yearly major upgrade, introducing a plethora of new functionality. In this post we will try to touch the tip of an iceberg in terms of what iOS4 has to offer to the developers.

The first thing you’ll notice about iPhoneOS is that it has been renamed to iOS, because now it runs on iPads, iPhones & iPod touches & iOS is somewhat a generic name.

Game Development in Pakistan-Shehryar Hydri, COO, Trango Interactive

Trango Interactive is one of the pioneers in Game Development in Pakistan. Based in Islamabad, Trango comprises of 30 employees.

Is your password 123456?

Consider this: a group of college students decided to setup a website. After a few months time the traffic increased, with a large number of signups. This brought the social networking website under media focus overnight, and laterhacked overnight.

The DOT-PK Boom

Are you a Pakistani?  Or more appropriately, are you a Proud Pakistani? Then you must be aware of the dot-pk boom. How many of you have changed your domain to dot-pk? Or are you still waiting for your turn in that

Did You Know That Facebook Has Pakistani Games as Well?

Need Neighbors? Or are your Crops Dead? Food is spoiled or amusement park is empty.

Yes, we know that you are addicted to Facebook Games. But when was the last time you came across a Pakistani game?

I’ll be a coder ’til the day I die!

The last time I came across a bitter coder or rather a bitter manager was about two days back and he said,

“I confess, I wanted to be a manager. But then after a year of the same routine of managing people things changed. I wanted to create again, code again, instead of managing…and my job, I hated it.”

Underpaid Developers: Is There a Solution?

Here’s a scenario: My grandfather claims that he is an excellent cook. We don’t really have any chefs around for testing, and there is no cooking license anywhere in the world. This makes him lucky, because he is a terrible cook. I always felt as if I was in a mortal danger with the kind of food he cooked and the way we had to gulp it down our throats.  The elders would make an excuse and disappear. And yet, my grandfather considered himself the best chef of the world.

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