Are You Recruiting IT?

by Noc Team on March 16, 2011

By Sumair Farooq (a tired recruiter)

Recruiting IT is the toughest job these days.


Because of the rising competition and growing industry.

Recruitment for IT, is a challenge, was a challenge and will always remain a challenge.  No matter which position you are hiring for, whether it is an entry level or a senior level post, challenge remains soundly on its seat. Recruitment, these days, is not a child’s play. I am well aware of every recruiter and I have been playing this game from the past six years now. Believe me the more you are good at it, the more tough it becomes.

Advertising job posts is easy. Make an account, post a job and the very next day your account will be loaded with CVs. Mainly irrelevant CVs. Job sites are loaded with marketer, advertisers, and recruiters going crazy after posting jobs and applicants dumping their CVs wherever they can think they can.

But why did I say irrelevant?

When it comes to hiring, we hardly acquire good resources. I am not saying that they are bad, but I am trying to point out here is that they should start applying at the relevant job posts. I just wonder then where are the relevant resources.

This is my request to all of them out there. Please submit your CVs at the relevant job posts.

Because if you go on submitting your CV everywhere and anywhere,

  1. you will surely create a bad name and
  2. You will make every recruiter your enemy. Because when they have to sift through thousands of CVs they become slightly frustrated.

So please have some mercy on the recruiters. When you submit your CV, just think how many other like yourself also exist. You are not the only one out there. We recruiters have to go through each and every CV, due to which we often want to sue the job sites and the applicants as well.

So, there are no rules in recruitment, acquiring resources is an art. One has to cross all bounds in this task.  Take chances, bid, bargain (and words which I don’t want to use here). Recruiters are not professionals, they never become professionals but they do end up being ‘experts’ in hiring. I have also pulled resources, I have also shared details but that does not in any way makes me unprofessional, rather, it makes me an expert of my own field.

How many times have you seen companies firing their entire teams in one go. And how many times have you seen companies hiring entire teams in one go?

I assure you, many times, and this happens in almost every industry.

In IT, it requires resources and expertise to hire someone. It’s like a hungry lion is waiting all the time for the right sheep. He pounces on him as soon as he gets a chance. I have had the task of recruiting many hard core jobs. The challenge is not with the fact that you hire, but lies with who you hire and why you hire them. So before you apply for any new job post on any job website, please do consider reading the job title and job description for increasing your own information and understanding.




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W@rfi March 16, 2011 at 6:06 AM

I totally agree with you. I can understand your pain. Since last many months, I have been through similar level of pain as well.

Kh. Fahad Shakeel March 16, 2011 at 7:07 AM

Although I have never been into the recruitment but can share my opinion into this. Yes this is fact that there is long list of candidates wants to join software industry then why companies are not getting good developers? because technology development is too rapid and increasing day by day. few years back there were only few requirements for a developer by the companies but now here is a long list. So out of 100 developers i think there are only few might be 5 to 10% who used to be updated with latest technologies.
Because professional market is acquiring new technologies and educational/training sector is not producing the breed upto that level. Moreover due to threshold of work into the market existing developer don’t have time to improve itself but to make money from multiple resources. Thats why a company got hell of resume after a job ad but gets only 20 to 30% relevant. Even after interviews it remains 3 to 5% relevant out of 100%.
Trigger out where is the problem? In education/training end? OR In software houses?
Finally my opinion is that most of developers are problematic as aint they invest their time into research but making money..

W@rfi March 24, 2011 at 3:07 AM

@ Fahad: In my opinion, the problem lies in the collaboration between industry and academia. Academia is not sure exactly what to train the developers on rather they are just interested to fulfill the HEC criteria so that their grads got the degrees. Secondly most software houses do not get their employees trained using external training sources just to save money :) BUT they loose a lot in the long term

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