Technology Accelerated at Oracle – Farhan Ibrahim Chaudhry

by Noc Team on May 25, 2011

Farhan Ibrahim Chaudhry- Country Director

Farhan Ibrahim Chaudhry is currently associated with Oracle as its Country Director – Technology Business, Oracle Corporation Pakistan. In his interview with CodeWeek he provided very interesting facts about Oracle’s work in Pakistan and how Oracle is working hard towards the promotion of technology within the public and the private sector.

CodeWeek: Oracle is a huge brand name. Can you tell us more about Oracle’s businesses and functions  in Pakistan?

Farhan: Oracle has been serving the private sector since 1989. Pakistan is one of the largest markets in Oracle’s South Asia Growth Economies (West region) . This region also includes countries like Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

With sales, marketing, consulting, education and support for local customers, Oracle Pakistan provides the majority of its products and services through its head office in Islamabad, its office in Karachi and its extended channel partner network.

Oracle serves the Pakistani market through an extensive registered network of 56+ alliance and channel partners under the Oracle Partner Network Specialized program. There are more than 1100 customers in Pakistan, spanning top organizations in the public and private sectors.

CodeWeek: Oracle never stops producing great products for its customers. Our readers would like to know more about the latest products of Oracle in the world market.

Farhan: Currently Oracle’s Exadata is making waves in the IT world as it is a highly efficient data warehouse with online transactions, processing applications and intelligence systems in one box, making it the ideal platform for consolidating onto grids or private clouds.

Exadata is the only available solution in the world which allows its users to store data, online transactions and processing applications. The database server and storage have been designed in such a way that data for different applications is processed in an efficient manner, along with a network capacity of 40 GB and inbuilt flash.

CodeWeek: To what extent are professionals making use of IT-based technologies in their companies?

Farhan: Pakistan’s IT professionals are extremely keen to adopt the latest versions of technology in their businesses. This has been obvious through our interaction in various technical seminars and conferences organized by Oracle.

These professionals have shown their willingness and competence to adopt the latest technology for their companies and this is very encouraging news for IT firms operating in the country.

CodeWeek: Tell us about the Oracle experience of training IT professionals particularly for their products and solutions?

Farhan: Pakistan possesses highly-qualified and professional human capital that increases the value of business and contributes significantly to the country’s economy in different aspects.
We are aware of many talented IT professionals who are working at different high level positions in their companies.

The number of IT professionals with Oracle certifications has been increasing. Also an overwhelming number of IT graduates are being produced by local universities and institutes.

Pakistan has been producing highly skilled IT professionals, which is evident from the advanced IT infrastructure in Pakistani firms. Pakistani professionals perform their task tremendously at world class organizations and they are playing a key role at Oracle also.

There is great potential in the educational institutions of Pakistan and we can produce brilliant IT professionals. The growing population implies a growth of human resource also and we are extremely confident that a more skilled workforce will develop in different organizations in the future.

CodeWeek: What role has Oracle played in education sector of Pakistan?

Farhan: Oracle is actively promoting “” and “Oracle Academy” under Oracle Education Foundation (OEF) which is an independent charitable organization funded by Oracle. These projects are dedicated towards helping students develop 21st century skills through project learning. is a widely acclaimed education technology program to K-12 schools globally. It is a protected, online learning platform that enables teachers to integrate learning projects into their curriculum and students to develop critical 21st century skills.

Around 276 students from 14 schools in Pakistan actively use “” to collaborate with other Pakistani students as well as students from across the world.

Oracle Academy provides educational resources which help students develop IT and business skills which are pivotal for their professional development. More than 4630 students from 25 universities in Pakistan have access to a world-class technical curriculum and have gained hands-on experience with Oracle’s industry-leading database, middleware, and applications software.

CodeWeek: What kind of response have you received so far from these educational initiatives?

Farhan: Response is tremendous from Pakistani students. In fact, a group of Pakistani students were outstanding in the Global ThinkQuest Competition 2009 run by the Oracle Education Foundation (OEF) held in San Francisco.

Muhammad, Muznah and Rida of Generation’s School collaborated with students in Singapore to create a website called “Portable Partners—Friends or Foes”, which examined common mobile devices used by young people. They were awarded 3rd Place in the 19 and Underage division out of 955 teams selected from 83 countries.

CodeWeek: What are the advantages for learners in using Oracle technologies?

Farhan: Oracle technologies and applications are being used globally by more than 370,000 organizations from various sectors. Having knowledge of these applications and technologies will help students in IT and business management, to grow in their professional careers.

Oracle, through Oracle Academy, provides students with exposure to Oracle’s world-class software, giving them a competitive advantage as they prepare to enter the workplace. The IT and business skills which they develop by learning this software helps them to become real assets for the organizations they work for.




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