Cricketers Need Coaching and So Do You!

by Noc Team on June 22, 2011

To be the best Cricketer, you require coaching. The same way, to be the best software engineer you require training.

Pakistan Cricket Board, PCB, hires coaches hoping that they will train their cricketers better than a local coach would. The reason why they get hold of coaches from other countries is because they know that every country has its own way of playing the game thus, international experience is highly required while training.

Similarly, Software professionals require intensive training before they build or manage any software. IT companies face demise all the year round. About 70 per cent of them are in constant threat of failure either because of low quality code production or because of bad management. The other thirty percent are not, have you ever considered why?

The Ostrich

Our Industry is like an open field where software companies hide their heads in the sand, like an ostrich, ignoring the training of their employees.


Because it requires extra effort, it consumes their valuable time and above all they do not feel the need of such trainings.

We don’t have time for training

Such an attitude is a norm in Pakistan’s software industry. The only time of the year when our Ostrich Industry raises its head from the sand is when they need to hire new resource. For hiring they need to market themselves and they need to present the best outlook in order to entice the job seekers and lure him to their company.

Let’s find next new hires

The reason why I stated that 70 per cent of software houses are in constant threat of failure is because the aim of these software houses is to provide services to their clients earn chunky cash and hire resources on minimum wages. When these professionals fail to deliver projects on time due to lack of experience and expertise, the companies then fire the previous group and searches for the next new hires. Simply because they don’t have time for trainings, and they want their work done at minimum cost.

Just imagine, if PCB sends new entrants (with minimum experience and coaching) to play the World Cup what will be the result? It will be similar is you are made to handle a software project without having any clue about managing your work.

Have you been trained recently?

How many times have you been trained in your current company? Do you have any coach there who can direct you on the right track? When was the last time these companies hired resources that had the ability to critically analyze failure situations and the ability to direct the entire team towards the road of success. You probably don’t remember. And mind you, your boss is too bus for supervising every project.

Two Types of Hires
Software companies do not hire such resources as they believe that this will only waste their time and money (they fail to realize that such a resource can be their savior too)

Thousands of CVs are gathered every month through online advertising, but at the end of the day only two types are hired

1.      Developers- because a developer codes and coding brings money
2.      Managers- with an MBA- a manager who knows recruitment, who handles all the costs, knows budgeting, and is excellent at handling spreadsheets and office politics.

An all rounder or an expert of many roles, who can wear multiple hats at one time and take the lead, hence the company saves a lot of money and avoids suffering from the process of hiring. With these two types, the software companies conclude the entire team.

But they fail to realize that that they require one more type of employee within them. One who is a combination of both technical and managerial expertise, a Strategic Hire? His job designation is

“A Coach”

3.      A coach- a critic, who knows the psyche of a developer and manager both. Who has the ability to look through things and take decisions accordingly. One who looks for the loopholes and creates effective plans to fix them, knows where fixing is required and knows how to deal with the Ostriches.

Hiring of such a resource is rare in the software industry, especially ours.

WE Do Not Train.

Strategic Hire is not the norm here. Pay the resource and get the work done. If he lacks in his skills slash him out and hire experienced resource because the world to which we provide services has no time. If you don’t deliver on time, they will simply jump from one company to another.

Clients switch companies for their projects and so does the resource in search of better pays and better future and this happens within weeks. Companies are an expert in pulling out resources from one company to another; they make them work for longer hours on minimum pays until they burn out.

People in IT are crazy about the next big thing. But when they don’t have time to raise their heads then it is natural for them to lose out on the latest trends of the industry due to their ostrich existence. Since the bosses know that these employees are not going anywhere so they don’t really take heed towards the issue.

Time to move forward

So how many of you out there are working in that 70 per cent companies mentioned above? How many of you admit being the ostriches here?

Incase you are aware of the answers of the above two questions, you probably are also aware of their solution as well. It is time to move forward, because these days we are fortunate enough to be living inside the market segment that is still growing and offers growth in future as well.

I leave you with two options.

  • Make your company hire that coach/ critic or
  • Become one for them, because growth is guaranteed either way.

If you fail in both, then maybe it is best to switch because PCB would have trained you thoroughly before sending you for the world cup.




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arslan June 22, 2011 at 4:12 AM

Very nice article, i strongly agree with the importance of training within organization. I want to share my experience

Around 3 years back i was working in uraan software solution and i was part of middle management, We decided instead of hiring experienced people, we will hire NU and PUCIT fresh graduates. We prepared a one month complete training programme where we teach them from html slicing till advance concepts in PHP and finally Zend framework training. Then that novice students became expert level PHP developers, then soon those guys started getting good offers from market and whole switching process started.

A Company has concern that they spent valuable time and resources on training and when its time to get results people start switching company

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